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Online Library for Members of the International Montessori Council

The mission of the IMC Online Library is to become the most extensive and complete resource for Montessori on the web. Most of the resources are password protected, giving access to members of the IMC.

We are beginning to build up the resource and will add new materials weekly, often in direct response to member queries and requests.

The member library contains, not only exclusive IMC materials but links and recommendations to the best resources already available in the public domain.

Our library currently contains materials on the following:

1.  Educational Program

2.  Faculty and Staff

3.  Facilities

4.  Finances

5.  Administration

6.  Governance

7.  Public Relations, Recruitment and Admissions

8.  Building Community

9.  Institutional Advancement & Fundraising

10.  School Community

11. Materials for parents.

We will also be including sample forms for school administration, sample promotional materials, articles that can be used for parent education, lesson plans, powerpoint presentations and notes for staff development and much, much, more.