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IMC Schools fall into two categories:

Membership of the IMC is open to all schools and does not imply any form of accreditation or approval. Member schools are asked to adopt the IMC Code of Ethics.

Member schools are issued a membership certificate and are entitled to use the IMC School Member logo on stationery, websites and other materials.

IMC Accredited Schools have undergone a stringent process of Accreditation by the IMC Accreditation Council. Only these schools are entitled to use the IMC Accredited School logo.

Current IMC Accredited Schools are listed here.

postheadericon Oneness Family School Accredited by IMC


First School Accreditation Under the New IMC Accreditation

In April, a team of four set out to do an onsite visit at Oneness Family School. The school is set in the Chevy Chase area of Bethesda, Maryland. This visit was rather special, as it was to be the first onsite visit for the new accreditation format that we are piloting at the moment. Not only did the onsite team have to validate that the school's self-study met the standards of the IMC pilot phase accreditation, but we also had to evaluate how the pilot phase of the accreditation measured up to the standards that the IMC has set for accreditation.

As we are still in the pilot phase of our new accreditation format, the Oneness Family School knew they were the first guinea pigs in our pilot phase; Andrew Kutt, the founder and Head of School, is an IMC trustee - the first schools to go through the pilot phase are trustee schools. Our onsite team consisted of Tim Seldin, Kathy Leitch, Tanya Ryskind and myself. We purposely chose this team so that we could critically look at the inner workings of our accreditation format, but also so that we could give very focused attention to the school as teams always do during onsite visits.
Our Oneness Family School hosts could not have been more accommodating and gracious. The school went out of its way to work with our team and we all commented that being onsite team validators is the best volunteer job one could have. After many long hours the team was able to write and then deliver the oral exit report. This was then used as a base for a more detailed written report which was sent to the IMC commissioners who are charged with the vote.
We are thrilled to announce that Oneness Family School is the first school to achieve accreditation under the IMC's new accreditation format. We have several schools in process within the pilot phase and as this article is being written, we are doing more updates to the documentation to make the experience for schools even more user-friendly. We are all very excited that we are moving forward towards finalizing the new accreditation format.
If you would like more information about the IMC's new accreditation format, please contact Hillary Drinkell at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Margot Garfield-Anderson at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






Desert Gardens Montessori in Phoenix, Arizona has been awarded their IMC accreditation as of March 1, 2014.

The school had their on site visit in late January by the team of:

Claire Salkowski, Accreditation Chair, IMC Board member and Head of School Free State Montessori, Fork, Maryland; Margot Garfield-Anderson, IMC Membership Director and Montessori Foundation Staffer; Robin Howe, Elementary Guide from NewGate School (the laboratory school of the Montessori Foundation) and Jan Katzen, Former toddler directress and AMI certified teacher, Certified Nutritionist and Nutritional Educator.

The school’s program runs from the Infant/Toddler through Adolescent program with sights set of adding a full High School program in the near future. We congratulate the school on achieving their accreditation and share this news with the IMC community.

Now that the school has earned this distinction they will become a mentor school to another school going through the process. Head of School Shetal Walters led her committee through the process with grace and courtesy and community involvement. The school’s staff and families welcomed the on site committee with total openness to the experience and made it a truly inclusive and welcoming event for all.

We are planning on Shetal attending the November conference in Sarasota, Florida November 6-9, 2014 so that she can be given the opportunity to address the members on their school’s experiences of accreditation and be awarded a ceremonial version of the certificate that the school already received.

So Congratulations Desert Garden, you’ve earned your bragging rights on this one.

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postheadericon New IMC Accredited School

Congratulations to the International Montessori School of Hong Kong!

In October of 2012 The IMC the team of Claire Salkowski (IMC accreditation commissioner chair), Kathleen Leitch (IMC accreditation commissioner), Pete Juds (IMC accredited school head of school) and Margot Garfield-Anderson (IMC accreditation administrator) traveled to Hong Kong to serve in the capacity of on-sight validators for the IMC accreditation process.

When a school voluntarily chooses to become accredited with the IMC a very lengthy and reflective process of self evaluation that involves the entire community is undertaken. Schools have different reasons for seeking accreditation but one of the main reasons is to gain the public trust. An accredited school shows the community that it has undergone a very vigorous process and has been evaluated by a group of their peers to insure that their message is clear and represents best practices Montessori.

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that the International Montessori School of Hong Kong has been accepted as an IMC accredited school by the entire commission. The school worked very hard to achieve this distinction and we are delighted to award them their accreditation certificate. Congratulations to Anne Sawyer and Karin Ann, the co founders of the school and the entire population of the school (close to 600 students!) on obtaining this credential.

When the school was notified it had earned its accreditation here is what they had to say about the IMC:

“Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Montessori, and we are delighted and honored to be admitted as an accredited IMC school.

We have been so incredibly impressed by the experience and insights of the IMC accreditation team, and feel so privileged to have new friends with such warmth and passion.  Thank you for the support.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person, and hope to welcome you to our school soon!

Warmest regards,

Anne, Karin, Nicolette & IMS Team”

READ the Tomorrow's Child article on IMS here.

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postheadericon Bogor Montessori School

Bogor Montessori School - Bragging rights

We aim to influence the community through the children who are finding their way to success by finding their place in society.

The Secondary Level is started with 8 students last year, most of them have been together since prekindy level at school.

Download the full article here.

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postheadericon Bowman International School - Bragging rights

The Board of Trustees of Bowman International School is very proud to announce that our Head of School, Mary Beth Ricks has been selected to receive a 2012 YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Award (TWIN).   The YWCA's TWIN award is the longest running women's recognition program in Silicon Valley and, over the past 28 years, it has honored women executives from companies such as Adobe Systems, Applied Materials, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Cisco Systems, Xilinx and Oracle, as well as a cross-section of outstanding small and mid-size growth companies from a variety of areas such as government, legal, education, financial services, venture capital, and clean technology.  Mary Beth and the other 2012 TWIN winners will be honored at an Awards Dinner on May 10th at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose.  More information about the 2012 TWIN awards can be found at

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