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Professional Development


Professional Development can be expensive. Many schools find it difficult to send the faculty, administrators, or boards off to conferences or retreat centers for renewal and inspiration.

The Montessori Foundation staff members are experts in bringing these services to your school, as workshops, weekend retreats, teleconferences, or live two-way video conferences at a fraction of the cost.

All of our programs and services are specifically designed for the needs of the staff at your school!

With modern internet communications, more and more schools are finding the least expensive way to get focused advice, or even to have someone from our team meet with your teachers, staff, parents, or board, is by two-way video using the free Skype video conference service.

We even record the session, from start to finish and post it in a secure area of our website, where you can replay it or download it to your computer.

Back To School Professional Development Delived Live to Your Faculty by Webcast

The Montessori Foundation Presents


Give Your Teachers a 'PREP Talk' 
Before the School Year Starts!


On-Line Professional Development

Customized for Your Staff *

Jonathan Wolff
Tim Seldin

With Tim Seldin and Jonathan Wolff

One to three hour live and interactive professional development, designed to deliver what your teachers need to jump-start a successful school year

High Resolution Interactive Webcasts

Available Through July and August


TOPICSChoose from one or more of the following “hot” topics 

    • Getting Your Classroom “Normalized” Earlier in the School Year

    • 10 Characteristics of Effective Montessori Teaching Teams

    • Building Positive Relations With Parents Early and Often

    • Classroom Management That Fosters Self-Directed Learning, Confidence, Higher Order Thinking, and a Collaborative Classroom Community

    • 20 Keys to Helping Students Stay Engaged During and After Lessons.

    • Moving Toward More Self-Directed Work Planning

    • SMART Observation Practices: How to Learn More in Less Time

    • The Three Spheres of the Prepared Environment - Beyond the Materials Addressing How Teacher Mindfulness and Manners Affect Students

    • Surviving the Conversations with Parents You Hate to Have 

    • Staying Happy, Healthy, Organized for the Whole School Year

    • Improving Concentration, Precision, Accuracy, and Work Completion

    • Is There a Place for Humor and Playfulness in the Montessori Classroom?

Tim and Jonathan will personally interview interested Heads of School to better understand  the specific needs of their teachers - in advance of a scheduled workshop.

We will record the live workshop for you to share with any teachers who cannot attend in person.

Workshop Fees:

1 hour workshop: $300

1 ½ hour workshop: $450 - More interactive (includes practice exercises)

2 hour workshop: $600 - More interactive (includes assessment and practice exercises)

3 hour workshop: $900 - Most interactive (includes assessment, practice, and personal action planning exercises)  

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