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Finding Motivation the Montessori Way 

by Maren Schmidt

Can we really motivate others? How can we find our own motivation? How does motivation work in a Montessori classroom?
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February 21 - Paul Epstein, PhD., educational consultant, author, and Montessori instructor, specializing in the adolescent years - "Ready or Not - You've Got an Adolescent!"
Find out from Paul how Montessori helps to prepare adolescents for the ever changing future in the 21st century. His knowledge and insights are not only encouraging but also clearly stated and practical.

February 28 - Lorna McGrath, Program Director of the Montessori Family Alliance, The Montessori Foundation - "Encouraging Kindness and Empathy"
Children are naturally kind and empathetic from the beginning of life. Join Lorna for a session on ways to promote and encourage children of all ages to continue to follow their instincts of connectedness and to be mindful of their words and actions.

March 7 - Maren Schmidt, Montessori Educator, Parent Coach, author of "Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents" and founder of Kids Talk - What About Kindergarten?
Parents often say, "Something inside keeps me from committing to any program. What can you tell me to help sort this all out?" Maren is here to help. Join us for this session to sort things out for yourself.

March 14 - Kathryn Kvols, author of Redirecting Children's Behavior, founder of the International Network for Children and Families, and international speaker - Help Your Child Walk Away from the Screen
Do you have to unglue your child from video games or their phones? Do you sometimes reward your child with screen time? Come learn the "ins and outs" of how to teach your child how to manage their own screen time without hassles.

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