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Finding Motivation the Montessori Way 

by Maren Schmidt

Can we really motivate others? How can we find our own motivation? How does motivation work in a Montessori classroom?
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March 21 - Christine Lowry, MEd, founder and chief consultant at the Montessori NOW - Montessori for All Learners
What are the Special Needs? How do we accommodate for Special Needs? Does Montessori work for all children with Special Needs? Join Christine to get her expertise in Special Needs and Montessori.

March 25 - Christine Lowry, MEd, founder and chief consultant at the Montessori NOW - Montessori for All Learners: Autism Spectrum Disorder
What is the spectrum? Are their other issues like sensory disorders that go along with it? Is Montessori the right environment for children with autism spectrum disorder?

April 4 - Cheryl Allen, MEd, Montessori Elementary Guide, and Adult Educator - OCCI for the Elementary Years
Some may say, "What is OCCI?" Some may say, "I thought OCCI was just during the Primary years." Cheryl says, "Let's see how we can continue to support the development of order, concentration, coordination, and independence during the elementary years." Join us for some interesting insights.

April 11 - Paul Epstein, PhD, Author, Educational Consultant, and Montessori Teacher Educator - Montessori for Adolescents! Part 2 - In this session, Paul will go into detail about how Montessori Adolescent Programs prepare young people for the "ever changing future."

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