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Dates: October 1 to December 18, 2014

You will have access to the entire course online classroom and resource collection, the video talks, and ongoing discussions with the instructor and your fellow students, for an entire year after the course ends.

Location: Your office or home, on your computer!

Application form: Download here.

Instructor: Tim Seldin 

Time: Set your own schedule, working on weekly learning activities and projects that will directly benefit your school next year. You should expect to invest at least five hours a week reading the extensive course materials, viewing online video presentations or listening to audios, collaborating with fellow students and Tim Seldin, and working on PR, marketing, and recruitment strategies that will directly impact your school.

Do you have a trip or specific time during this period when you will not be available? No problem! While it is best to participate with the entire group in ongoing discussions, You can catch up when you return.

Course description

World-class Montessori schools are schools that have achieved a level of excellence, stability, and wide-spread public appeal that makes them highly attractive to prospective parents and teachers.  So often though schools struggle, primarily because they continue to compromise their programs and principles in hope of becoming more attractive to parents. Tim Seldin makes the case for courage,  conviction, and consistency. His premise is that there is a Montessori way that we can and must follow to produce, time and time again, the results that made Montessori schools famous around the world. He will sketch out the specific elements of best practice that can lead your school to greater success in everything it does.

The Montessori Foundation has worked with hundreds of Montessori schools around the world, helping them to clarify their philosophy and develop the highest levels of Montessori curriculum and practice. This course will give both an incredibly in-depth overview of all of the Montessori Foundation's other courses in Montessori school leadership, along with a host of specific strategies and tools that you need to chart the best course for your school's future.

We don't provide a precise syllabus because we customize the course to a large extent to respond to the interests, needs, and concerns of the students enrolled. Topics covered typically include:

UNIT 1: Introduction to World Class Montessori Schools
Introduction to the concept of a World Class Montessori School
A historical perspective of Montessori Education
Clarifying what it means to be a Montessori School:
how a school differs from other businesses
how a Montessori School differs from other schools
Perspective - Abundance vs. Scarcity
The Nine Areas of School Operation - an overview of the nine areas covered in this course
Starting a new school
- rationale
- steps
- legal structures
- financial structures
- business plan

UNIT 2: Defining Your Identity
What are core values, vision, mission and aims and why are they important.
Achieving clarity regarding core values, mission, vision and aims.
How some Montessori schools lose their way - missions and market forces.
Defining a schools identity based on core values.
Drawing up a blue print for the school.
Using a Best Practice process to guide decisions.

UNIT 3: Ownership of the School / Governance by the Board
The role of Boards in the management of Montessori Schools
Creating Boards that function efficiently and effectively for a sustainable authentic Montessori School
How boards work with the head (including how boards recruit, support and evaluate the head).
Effective board meetings.

UNIT 4: School Leadership/Administration
Defining the role of the School Head: Administrative and Leadership Functions.
How to find the right person as head of the school.
Employment agreement for the head of school.
Sustainable School Leadership Assessing and supporting the head

UNIT 5: The Educational Program
The fundamental principles underpinning an authentic Montessori Program.
Establishing continuity and cohesion across all levels in a school.
Designing and implementing a cohesive and integrated Montessori curriculum.
Implementing a studio program to enhance and extend the Montessori program.
Program assessment.
Student assessment, recording and reporting.
Aspects of Best Practice in a Montessori Educational Program.

UNIT 6: Faculty & Staff
Staffing a Montessori school - important principles and ethical issues
Recruiting the right staff
Choosing the right candidates
Interview techniques and questions
Evaluating effectiveness of faculty
Job descriptions
Staff Handbooks
Salaries and legalities
Staff development and retention
Characteristics of Master Teachers

UNIT 7: Facilities
Aspects of architecture and grounds layout
Designing an aesthetic and effective Montessori Classroom
Assessing the efficacy of school facilities

UNIT 8: Finances
Setting Tuition
Enrollment agreements
Refund Insurance
Tuition Increases
Financial Aid
Collecting Past Due Tuition
Other Aspects of Finances
Assessing the health of your school’s financial position

UNIT 9: Recruitment and Admissions
An introduction to the process of Finding the Perfect Match
How to market a Montessori School
define what you are selling
identifying a school’s unique selling points
Marketing strategies
Marketing plans - direct mail, brochures print, radio and TV advertising, guerilla marketing
The Admissions process and documentation
Making admissions decisions
Retaining families once they are enrolled

UNIT 10: Building School Community
Building strong school communities
Community meetings
Involving parents productively in the school
The family friendly school
Customer service
Parent Education

UNIT 11: Gathering Additional Resources through fundraising, bonds or financing
Bonds and Financing



Tim SeldinTIM SELDIN, M.Ed. is the President of The Montessori Foundation and Chair of the International Montessori Council. His almost forty years of experience in Montessori education includes twenty-two years as Headmaster of the Barrie School in Silver Spring, MD, his own alma mater (age two through high school graduation). He has also served as the Director of the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies and as Head of the New Gate School in Sarasota, Florida. He earned a B.A. in History and Philosophy from Georgetown University, an M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Supervision from The American University, and his Montessori certification from the American Montessori Society. Tim Seldin is the author of several books on Montessori Education, including his latest, How to Raise An Amazing Child; The Montessori Way with Dr. Paul Epstein; Building a World-class Montessori School; Finding the Perfect Match - Recruit and Retain Your Ideal Enrollment; Master Teachers - Model Programs; Starting a New Montessori School, Celebrations of Life, and The World in the Palm of Her Hand This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


How to Apply:

You can register online or mail your application and payment by credit card or check (drawn against a US bank) in to us at The Montessori Foundation, 19600 State Road 64 East, Bradenton, FL 34212 USA. Please make checks payable to The Montessori Foundation.

You can scan and email your application (with payment by Mastercard, Visa or American Express) to the Montessori Foundation at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax it to us at 1-941-745-3111. If you need to arrange a wire transfer, please email or call for instructions.

Registration Fees:

Non-IMC Members: $1,250 for the first person from a school/$1,000 for each additional person enrolling from the same school.

Members of the International Montessori Council (IMC): Participants sponsored by a school that is a member of the International Montessori Council, receive a substantial discount: $1,050 for the first person enrolled from an IMC affiliated school/$800 for each additional participant enrolling from the same IMC member school.


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12 week courses

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Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



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Building enrolment and community

Starting a Montessori School from the Ground Up

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12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



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