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If you haven't already placed your school's subscription for Tomorrow's Child, we invite you to do so today.
We've published Tomorrow's Child since 1992 because we know the value of having a beautifully illustrated periodical publication to help colleges and schools of all types forge stronger bonds with their students, their parents, and with their alumni and friends.
We formed the Montessori Foundation to reach out beyond any one Montessori group to the much broader community of Montessori educators and schools. Over the years we have formed strong friendships with thousands of Montessori schools, large and small, private and public, in more than 50 countries around the world.
Tomorrow's Child has helped hundreds of Montessori schools to prosper.

If you've been meaning to subscribe, this is the year to invest in your school's long term enrollment.

As the old saying goes, without advertising and ongoing efforts to educate and connect your parents with the bigger picture of the Montessori movement, a terrible thing happens......enrollment declines. 

There is another saying that applies to our schools: "Anything living takes work."

This is especially true of the sometimes fragile relationships between Montessori schools and parents who are worried whether Montessori works, and whether this next year ought not to be the year when they move on to a "real school".

When families leave, they rarely leave alone. They tend to take their friends with them.

We can't change parents' minds. We can only help them see and understand just how our schools are contributing to their children's lives and how much our school community is contributing to their family. 

But we do parent education and few people come!

After a month at your school, you and your teachers are less and less the voices that most parents want to hear, unless it is to discuss their individual child.

To many, it seems that we're selling something, which is why participation in parent evenings tends to drop off so rapidly in many schools. 

Tomorrow's Child has become a trusted outside voice. Parents email and call us every day.

We receive hundreds of emails like these a day. They are typical of what parents tell us and our subscribing schools about Tomorrow's Child:

"I love Tomorrow's Child. It inspires me. We read it cover to cover."

"Actually my husband reads it the most. He finds it very interesting."

"I find Tomorrow's Child most welcome and enjoyable. I like knowing what is going on within the Montessori world! It is also helpful for me to
understand the tools and many other activities other schools engage in."

"We found Tomorrow's Child to be a great magazine. Very insightful, and we definitely read was helpful during the first year for sure."

"I absolutely read it and save it, too!"

"We often share Tomorrow's Child with people interested in Montessori!"

"I read it and I find it interesting. I have never had the heart to throw it out."

"Keep them coming!"


A Montessori child can never be replaced!

Life happens. Parents move; some were committed to another school all along. But if there is any way at all that you can convince the parents of your four-year-olds to stay in kindergarten for their final year, or the parents of a kindergartner to give your elementary program a try, what is that worth to you?

Tomorrow's Child OnLine: A Free Benefit for Standing Bulk Order & Electronic Subscribers

Tomorrow's Child OnLine, the parent resource center provides you with many other free articles and video presentations on effective parenting and how to incorporate a Montessori way of life into your daily family routines. Hosted by the Foundation's Parent Education Director, Lorna McGrath, there are many short video clips on critical issues of parenting. This added benefit is available to bulk subscribers and electronic subscribers.

Take advantage of our special Early Bird offer to get your order in for Tomorrow's Child!

We have once again been able to keep our costs low, and if your school places a bulk order to Tomorrow's Child for your families for the 2012-2013 school year, the price is still only $15.50 per family in the USA. In Canada the price is $18.50 USD, elsewhere $27.50 USD.


School Bulk Subscriptions to Tomorrow's Child include:

4 expanded Issues Of Tomorrow's Child in September, November, January, and March.

Access to Tomorrow's Child OnLine and The Montessori Family Resource Center for each subscribing family and your staff.

This ever growing online library of streaming videos and audio podcasts about Montessori, bringing Montessori home, and parenting the Montessori Way answers the countless questions parents ask.

The library also includes back issues of Tomorrow's Child, a wide range of articles, and all sorts of special resources for parents.

Feel free to give us a call at the Montessori Foundation's main offices 1-941-729-9565 outside North America - 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time) or email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you would like to send in your bulk order by mail or fax, CLICK HERE to download the order form.

We're here to help.

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12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



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Building enrolment and community

Starting a Montessori School from the Ground Up

Curriculum theory & Montessori applications



12 week courses

*Revised and updated *

Building a World Class Montessori School

Overview of Montessori principles and curriculum

(for non-Montessori trained heads of Montessori schools)



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