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IMC Membership Benefits


IMC Membership Benefits:

1. Discounts on Montessori Leadership Institute Courses for individual members and for anyone enrolling from your school, 10 percent. This does not include courses offered by teacher preparation centers affiliated with or recognized by the IMC.

2. Montessori Leadership Magazine Members of the International Montessori Council receive Montessori Leadership, our professional journal, aimed at Montessori educators, administrators, teacher trainers, board members, and parent leaders. It has been praised as the most useful journal of its kind in the Montessori community. School and institution members receive two copies of the journal.

3. Montessori Leadership OnLine MLOL comes out several times a year with a host of different offerings. Articles focus on current ?best practices? in Montessori curriculum and instruction, classroom management, the prepared environment, organizational leadership, school development, and teacher training. Our emphasis is on practical applications of things that are working in classrooms and schools around the world. Over the last year we have explored a wide-range of topics, such as retaining your kindergarten and elementary students; peace education and character development; techniques for daily renewal; prepared environments that foster calmness, concentration, and cooperation; board development; the science of school expansion; fund raising; working with challenging children, parents, teachers, and boards; reestablishing harmony, trust, and teamwork; curriculum development; children and computers; and specific exploration of ideas such as new Practical Life and Sensorial exercises for 21st century children.

4. Montessori Online - Fast Access to Montessori Specialists, Resources, and Research
Montessori Online (http://www.montessori.org) is an invaluable Montessori resource center and series of private member-only discussion groups, providing a host of services and resources to members. These include access to our library of articles and documents for Montessori leaders, the ability to expand your school's information provide in the International Directory of Montessori schools, calendars of professional conferences and symposia, a job-line, and an Online Montessori Helpline that provides fast access to specialists, references, and research whenever for members need information and assistance in a timely manner.

5. Discounts on many of the professional books and CDs published by the Montessori Foundation or IMC offered through our publication center, up to 20 percent.

6. Access to ?Heads of School? forum at Montessori conferences, allowing heads of schools from around the world to discover they share similar challenges, and often find innovative solutions to them.

7. Discounts on registration fees for all Montessori Foundation conferences for individual IMC members, not compounded with discounts for attendees from an IMC member school. Attendees would receive the larger of the two discounts if the amounts differ.

8. Discounts on conference registration fees for all members of your school community for anyone attending from your IMC member school community, including faculty, administrative staff, parents, Board members, etc.).

9. International Montessori Council school membership logos for brochures, ads, and stationery, and other promotional materials.

10. Yearly free School/Institutional Consultation by Telephone or Email One of the most valuable benefits of Institutional Membership in the IMC is free telephone or email consultation to the school's administrative leadership and board provided by leading experts in Montessori school leadership, through the Montessori Help Line. Most member schools feel that this one service, which would normally cost $150 an hour, more than justifies the annual $250 cost of IMC membership. Naturally some restrictions apply. For example, the school covers the cost of the phone call, a consultant may not be immediately available (although our response time is normally remarkably fast), and we may have to limit the time that we can spend on any one call (although most schools using the service have been surprised at the time and care we devote to each member school).

11. School-To-School Peer Mentoring
The IMC helps new schools, and schools going through a period of challenge or transition, to work in collaboration with other IMC schools that have experience and insights into similar situations. Whenever possible, we encourage IMC member schools to network together to extend the IMC's support system. This is another aspect of the IMC's philosophy of Montessori schools working together.

12. Help to New Montessori Schools
We provide specific advice and assistance to new Montessori schools or to groups that are in the progress of opening new schools.

13. Help Finding the Documents and Resources that you need when you want to see an example of a particular policy or document, such as a sample enrollment agreement, budget, or parent handbook, if you don't find it in the member's only wing of our online library, we can usually find it in our archives or from our worldwide resource network.

14. Assistance in Resolving Conflicts Between or Within Montessori Schools
We have often been asked by a school, parent, or staff member to help resolve an issue that is in conflict. Without taking sides or exercising any external authority, if asked by all parties concerned, we use the same conflict resolution strategies that we teach in our annual Peace Academy to a conflict situation in your school.

IMC Accred school logo 15. International Montessori Council School Assessment and Accreditation
The International Montessori Council offers a user-friendly program of school assessment and accreditation for the international Montessori school community. The program enables Montessori schools, large and small, to evaluate program quality, instructional effectiveness, operational and financial health, facilities and site utilization, and future growth potential. Features of International Montessori Council School Accreditation include:

16. Access to the community of the world's leading Montessori schools
A practical approach to Montessori school accreditation, with a dynamic self-study process that will help your school grow even stronger through the process
Accreditation specifically designed to recognize the diversity of excellence within the international Montessori community, rather than a model dependent on a faculty all holding one particular Montessori certification

17. Teacher Education Program Recognition
Teacher Education may join the IMC as institutional members. At this level, benefits are similar to school membership. Graduates of IMC affiliated programs do not receive IMC teacher certification.

In addition, within North America the IMC Montessori Teacher Education Commission recognizes programs that meet all the guidelines and standards of IMC as IMC recognized Teacher Education Programs upon earning MACTE accreditation.

Outside North America, IMC can directly accredit teacher education programs that meet all IMC accreditation standards.

IMC standards for Montessori Teacher Education Programs meet, and exceed, the standards established by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). Considered for recognition are distance education programs, traditional (face-to-face) programs, and programs that blend traditional and distance methods and technologies.

18. A Certificate of IMC School or Institution membership
Sent upon initially joining IMC, signifying your membership and/or accreditation status in the International Montessori Council. For a system of schools, each campus receives a certificate. Certificates for accredited schools and affiliated teacher education programs will reflect their special status as having met standards of excellence outlined in the documentation of the School Accreditation program and the program for affiliation of Teacher Education Programs.

19. The International Montessori Council Code of Professional Ethics
Schools and institutions receive upon initially joining IMC a handsome copy with the IMC logo, suitable for framing, with their membership.

20. Sample Print, radio, and TV ads
There is no need to re-invent the wheel. IMC has a collection of samples that can be adapted by individual schools or used to promote Montessori in your community.

21. Examples of excellent brochure and direct mail pieces
There is no need to re-invent the wheel. IMC has a collection of that can be adapted by individual schools for use as school promotion.

22. Board of Director Workshops
Boards of Directors will find Montessori Foundation conferences perfect opportunities for retreats and, with many workshops covering all aspects of Montessori schools, an unparalleled opportunity for Board education as well. IMC Member schools receive one day of workshop space and a an orientation on Board operations from an IMC consultant at no cost. IMC can also offer a reduced fee for consultant facilitation if that is requested. Due to hotel space limitations, workshop space or time of day for Boards may be limited, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

23. Discounts on classified advertisements in Montessori Leadership valued at 25 percent of the published cost of classified advertisements.

24. Free classified advertisements in Montessori Leadership OnLine Classified advertisements will be sent in the first issue after the classified advertisement is placed and remain until the issue of Montessori Leadership with the advertisement has been released.

25. Entries on Event Calendar in Montessori Leadership and Montessori Leadership OnLine
Schools and societies may submit entries for the ?Calendar of Events? column for conferences, special meetings, kick-offs of major campaigns, opening of new facilities and other landmark events.

26. Recognition for Montessori Societies
As the International Montessori Council serves as a common meeting ground for all Montessorians, we welcome membership of all their organizations?Montessori training societies, regional chapters, and teacher education programs. We recognize their importance with:

One page space reserved in Montessori Leadership for organizational news
Institutional logos displayed in the magazine
Reduced fee for information tables at conferences (subject to availability)
Opportunities to collaborate on joint conferences
Assistance in conference organization
Reserved space for Board meetings or other organizational activities at all IMC conferences (subject to availability)

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