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The Montessori Foundation / Island Village Video Library Project


The Montessori Foundation and the Island Village Montessori Charter School of Venice, Florida have begun to collorabate on the creation of an online library of video segments that address basic issues of interest to Montessori teachers, including topics in classroom leadership, classic presentations of the elementary Montessori materials, and topics in Montessori philosophy and practice.

Thus far we have completed many of seqments showing the basic presentations of the Lower Elementary Math curriculum and a number of segments addressing issues in classroom management and basic Montessori principles.

The project owes its birth to Island Village's tireless Director, Kym Elder, and to the talents and long hours of Marybeth Sullivan, who is the teacher in the initial collection of presentations, and Jim Dunn, who serves as cinematopgrapher and video editor.

We are now in the process of mounting the first collection of video clips up on our website. We hope that they will be a useful resource to the entire Montessori community.


Topics in Montessori Philosophy and Practice

Are Children Free to Not Work?

Guiding Students vs. Instructing Them

Montesssori vs Traditional education - Some advice to public Schools

Montessori vs Traditional Education - Current Conditions

Montessori vs Traditional Education - Ideal Conditions


Other Educational Approaches With Much In Common With Montessori

Research-based Curriculum

The Role of Montessori Materials

Independent and Spontaneous Selection of Work

Starting Off The Academic Year "on the right foot"

Presenting An Accurate Historical Perspective

Walking on the "Razor's Edge" Between Accountability And Freely Selected Work

What are Sensitive Periods? P1

What are Sensitive Periods? P2

What are Sensitive Periods? P3

What is "Freedom Within Limits"?

What is a Control of Error?

What is Practical Life?

What is the Prepared Environment?

Why Color Coding?

Why Teach Peace?

Math Memorization

Addition Board

Addition Board Discussion

Addition Finger Chart Presentation 1

Addition Finger Chart Presentation 2

Addition Strip Board Discussion

Addition Strip Board Intro

Addition Strip Board Sums

Bead Bar Addition

Bead Bar Multiplication P1

Bead Bar Multiplication P2

Cubing Chain P1

Cubing Chain P2

Division Board

Division Finger Chart

Division Unit Board

Hundred Board

Hundred Board Challenge

Multiplication Board

Multiplication Finger Chart

Multiplication Unit Board

Pythagoras Board

Squaring Chains

Subtraction Board

Subtraction Board P1

Subtraction Board P2

Subtraction Finger Chart

Teens Board P1

Teens Board P2

Tens Board

Tray of Nines

Tray of Nines/Symbols P1

Tray of Nines/Symbols P2

Tray of Nines/Symbols P3

Tray of Tens

Tray of Tens|Symbols

Math Operations

Binomial Square 100 P1

Binomial Square 100 P2

Checkerboard Intro P1

Checkerboard Intro P2

Checkerboard Intro P3

Checkerboard P1

Checkerboard P2

Checkerboard P3

Checkerboard P4

Communitive Property Addition

Dot Board P1

Dot Board P2

Flat Bead Frame P1

Flat Bead Frame P2

Golden Beads Dynamic Addition

Golden Beads Dynamic Division P1

Golden Beads Dynamic Division P2

Golden Beads Dynamic Multiplication Intro P1

Golden Beads Dynamic Multiplication Intro P2

Golden Beads Dynamic Subtraction P1

Golden Beads Dynamic Subtraction P2

Golden Beads Static Addition P1

Golden Beads Static Addition P2

Golden Beads Static Division P1

Golden Beads Static Division P2

Golden Beads Static Subtraction P1

Golden Beads Static Subtraction P2

Golden Mat Addition P1

Golden Mat Addition P2

Golden Mat Intro P1

Golden Mat Intro P2

Golden Mat Subtraction P1

Golden Mat Subtraction P2

Number Rods Discussion

Number Rods P1

Number Rods P2

Number Rods P3

Numerals and Counters P1

Numerals and Counters P2

Numerals and Counters P3

Numerals and Red Counters Disc

Short Bead Frame Intro

Short Bead Frame Numeration P1

Short Bead Frame Numeration P2

Small Bead Frame Addition

Snake Game P1

Snake Game P2

Stamp Game Addition - Dynamic

Stamp Game Decurian P1

Stamp Game Decurian P2

Stamp Game Division - Dyn w- Remainder

Stamp Game Division - Dynamic

Stamp Game Division - Static

Stamp Game Dynamic Subtration

Stamp Game Multiplication Intro

Stamp Game Multiplication Terms

Stamp Game Subtraction - Dynamic

Stamp Game Two Digit P1

Stamp Game Two Digit P2

Test Tube Division-Double Digit P1

Test Tube Division-Double Digit P2

Test Tube Division-Double Digit P3

Test Tube Division-Double Digit P4

Test Tube Division-Single Digit P1

Test Tube Division-Single Digit P2

General Math Topics

Putting Away the Cubing Chain

Putting Away the Teens Board

Rug Rolling

Sandpaper Numerals

Sandpaper Numerals Discussion

Sandpaper Numerals Sand Tray Discussion

Sandpaper Numerals Tracing

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