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Consulting, Leadership Insitute, conferences, parents. professional development, recruit & retain parents, teachers, and students.School Accreditation, Teacher Education, Resources, and Meaningful SupportBringing Montessori Into Your Home And Family LifeThe Montessori Foundation &The International Montessori Council (IMC) The Vinoy | St. Petersburg, Florida  | November . 3 - 6 . 2022– Maria MontessoriAs we often say:We're here to help! The Montessori Foundation is a non-profit...

About Montessori

The confidence the school has gained by the knowledge gained in this course was evident at our latest parent meeting. We were able to answer the parents’ questions with more affirmation and I could see that our confidence gave them confidence in us. Interesting, I just took my first born child off to college this weekend.

Montessori 101

SOME Basic Information That Every Montessori Parent Should Know

  Why do they call it a Children’s House? In her research, Dr. Montessori noted specific characteristics associated with the children’s interests and abilities at each plane of development. She argued that a school carefully designed to meet the needs and interests of the child will work more effectively because it doesn’t fight human nature. Montessori taught teachers how to “follow the child” through careful observation, allowing students to reveal their strengths and weaknesses,...

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The Many Faces of Montessori in North America and Abroad

Education is not something that the teacher does. It is a natural process that develops spontaneously. – Maria Montessori  There are some six thousand Montessori schools in North America, and it is estimated that there are some twenty thousand schools worldwide. Montessori schools are found throughout Western Europe, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and much of Asia. Montessori is rapidly expanding in China, Eastern Europe, and the republics of the former...

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Creativity, Ecological Intelligence, Cultivating the Cosmic Task at Home and School

PART 1: Creativity and Cultivation of the Cosmic Task Creativity — and being a creative thinker — is elusive and inherent all at once. As humans, we all have immense potential for creativity across all fields of life and learning — from art to science, to social and educational contributions, and beyond. Though few of us will ever be Creative in the ways of Einstein, Maya Angelou, Yayoi Kusama, or Maria Montessori (and that is okay), we all deserve the benefits of being creative in our day...

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Networks of New For-Profit Montessori Schools Continue to Grow In the US

  The Montessori Way: School Leadership About 90% of the Montessori schools in the US are nonpublic. While many are nonprofit, the number of new for-profit privately owned Montessori schools continue to expand, and we see a growing number of networks or chains of schools cropping up.  In the early days of the Montessori movement in the US, new Montessori teachers often dreamed of having a school of their own. Sometimes opened with family money, perhaps a parent partner, and sometimes...

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Raising a Child to Love Literature

Parents often wonder and worry about how to encourage children to read and how to raise a child to love literature. How can you inspire your preschooler, school-aged child, or teen to love the written word? It begins with adult modeling, sharing literature at all stages of your child’s life, and consistently providing books and magazines in your home. Show your child your genuine enjoyment of books, magazines, newspapers, and all things written! Let’s start with the youngest children:...

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Book Review – The Vegetarian Cookbook: More Than 50 Recipes for Young Cooks

The Vegetarian Cookbook: More than 50 Recipes for Young Cooks Written by DK publishers My son and his family are vegetarians. I wondered if there were any vegetarian cookbooks for children. So I went searching and, lo and behold, there were quite a few! I found one that looked good to me (on the internet), it was the right age grouping for my grandson, and the description seemed like it was laid out in a way that was easy to use and simple enough for a young child. I bought it. Well, much...

The Vegetarian Cookbook
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Favorite summer Reads for 2022

Favorite SummerReads for 2022 by Lorna McGrath One of the many things that teachers do in the first few days of school is to ask children to talk about, write about, or in some way describe their summer activities. You remember that, right? For some of us that was easy and fun because, maybe, we like to write (especially about ourselves) or we did a lot of things and went to a lot of places. But for others, this project might feel more challenging or even discouraging because they...

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A Montessori School Is…

A Montessori School Is… by Cassi Mackey, M.Ed. The best environments for children are the ones that show them how to use their hearts. Love is the most essential element in our Montessori communities. It is the foundation of learning and teaching. Like breathing, love is a thing that comes so naturally. We breathe deeply and truly in a way that feeds our bodies, our hearts, and our souls. We love the same way. Love is the container that holds all the essential elements that make up a fully...

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