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MFATC May 2024

A Note from the Program Director

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Yes! It’s spring and our days are getting longer, new life is everywhere, and we can open our homes and lives to a breath of fresh air. This is our last issue of Tomorrow’s Child for the 2023-2024 school year. All the surveys, focus groups, and analysis have paid off thanks to you and your school leaders. Look how far we’ve come! The Montessori App makes accessing trusted resources and information easier for you. Wit & Wisdom, our monthly evening discussions...

Infant-Toddler (0 to 3)MFATC May 2024

Choose. Move. Repeat.

These three words can guide your choices as a parent of a young child.You make choices based on what you believe to be best for your child and family. These choices may be based on emotion, assumptions, or exasperation. I encourage you to consider making your decisions based on a system you know can work. When you can create a system for yourself in your decision making for your children, you may find that you have better, less-stressful outcomes and more confidence as a parent. Although...

MFATC May 2024

How to Build a Community

Life has changed for many families over the years, and today it is more important than ever for schools and families to work together to create a nurturing community that supports parents, teachers, and children. Schools can be much more than where children learn basic skills; they can become communities where people feel safe, connected, and welcomed. In most Montessori schools, this is already the case. Their byline could be similar to this line from Yeats: “There are no strangers here....

MFATC May 2024

Real Life Story: A Determined Mom

by Becky NobleI have been a strong supporter of Montessori education since before Ben was born, having read several of Maria Montessori's books and applied those methods when working with my employer's young children. When it was time for Ben's dad and me to decide on a kindergarten for Ben, we considered a few options. Ben’s dad had been in public school throughout his education and felt that, if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for Ben. He was, however, willing to look at...

MFATC February 2024

A Note from The Program Director

Dear Montessori Family Alliance Members, Welcome to 2024! Thank you for being part of our international community of Montessori families! Join us for our weekly Tuesday Family Life Webinar Series and our monthly Wit & Wisdom: Family Chat Sessions. Both broadcasts are live on Zoom to facilitate conversation and community. They are free and open to anyone whether or not they have children in a Montessori school. So, feel free to invite friends and family. If you can’t make it to our live...

CommunicationMFATC February 2024

Communicating with Your Young Child

A young child’s receptive language develops sooner than their expressive language. This means they are capable of understanding much more than they can express. Honoring this intellectual development can be difficult when you feel you are constantly met with the one-word answer (“no!”) or a temper tantrum. You may feel like you just asked a simple question, or you just suggested a meal of their favorite food and you look down to find your child flailing on the floor. How did this happen?...

MFAPractical LifeTC February 2024

What Does the Laundry Have to Do with it?

Practical Life is a fundamental part of the Montessori curriculum. Dr. Maria Montessori wrote, “Education should not just be preparation for university, but preparation for life.” We want our children to have the skills and knowledge to function very well independently: capable of caring for themselves and their environments; knowing how to behave in a manner that will lead them to success in all aspects of their personal, educational, and professional lives. Our responsibility as parents...

MFATC February 2024

Preparing a “Grand” Environment

In a Montessori school, step one is preparing the environment. Teachers spend days, sometimes weeks, preparing their classrooms for the new school year. They consider every student, what they love, what they need, and find a place for that in the room. Everything is arranged in precise sequence and according to the skills being developed. A teacher makes sure anything a child may need is somewhere in that room, and we often learn much about our students by observing what it is that they...

ML January 2024The International Montessori Council

There’s an App for That

By Sean Cann & Maly Pena Have you ever found yourself trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment and wondering when that field trip is scheduled so you don’t plan it on the same day? Or trying to respond to a friend of a friend who wants to know, “What is Montessori anyway? Is it worth it?” You know you can access the school calendar and an article you can share, but do you have time to gather all that information? What if there was one app for that?—home of the Montessori...

ML January 2024The International Montessori Council

Clarity: The Ability to Think Clearly and Not Be Confused

Clarity is the Key to Success. As a Montessori Leader or Head of School, one of the objectives is to help you and your team achieve the clarity needed to build a world-class Montessori School. If you already have clarity on some or all the aspects listed below, that’s great - keep it in mind when engaging with your community. Otherwise, now would be a good time to pause, think about it, and write down some thoughts below. What you write should not be set in stone; it will grow and evolve as...

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