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Neuromyths: Debunking False Ideas About the Brain Book review

Neuromyths: Debunking False Ideas About the Brain Written by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa Have you ever explained behavior using information you have known for so long that it must be true? As parents and teachers, we may aim to learn about brain development and what is happening as our child grows, and we may share some information that is not correct. In this book, Tracey Takuhama-Espinosa leads us through some of the myths we may have learned about the brain and brain development and gives...

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Those Mysterious Montessori Materials: The Great Lessons

Many parents and schools focus on basic skills: reading, writing, and math. But the basics are truly keys that allow learners to get access to the real curriculum, which should be thought of as an interwoven tapestry of the sciences, technology, literature, society, and all of the things human beings have done throughout history. If children are exposed to a rich curriculum in a way that feels inviting (and not stressful) they tend to become excited about learning how the world works. This...

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There’s an App for That

    The home of everything Montessori is now only one click away. Have you ever found yourself trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment and wondering when that field trip is scheduled so you don’t schedule them on the same day? Or trying to respond to a friend of a friend who wants to know, “What is Montessori anyway? Is it worth it?” You know that you can access both the school calendar, and an article you can share, but do you have time to gather all that information? What if...

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Advice from Montessori Family Alliance Friends

Reaching out to a friend who has children a bit older than yours can be a very comfortable way to get advice about your own parenting. When you are a part of the Montessori Family Alliance, the people to reach out to have very helpful pieces of advice. Christine Lowry The Montessori Foundation Being a parent is both the most challenging and rewarding thing we can do. My advice is to respect your child's sense of dignity. Children (especially young children) have a remarkable sense of...

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Family ResourcesMFAMixed AgesTC April 2023Tomorrow's Child

30 Gifts for 30 Years of Tomorrow’s Child

  1. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown 2. The Mitten by Jan Brett 3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 4. Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton 5. Legos™ 6. Wooden Blocks 7. If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff 8. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst 9. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss 10. Kitchen Science Lab for Kids books: Outdoor, Edible Kitchen, Garden, STEAM 11. Cooking Class: Global Feast 12. The Complete Cookbook for Young...

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ML May 2023The International Montessori Council

Making Rituals Meaningful

With a bold black chiseled marker, I wrote FREE on a scrap piece of cardboard, and with that word came the end of our very last Spring Carnival. Sitting on the curb in front of our school was the last remnants of an event that had become unwieldy over the years; a wooden puppet stage and boxes of carnival trinkets, prizes, and such. None of us really knew when Spring Carnival came into being. Most folks would say that we have always had it. The funny thing about rituals is that most people...

ML May 2023The International Montessori Council

The Power of Time and Space to Talk

I was working at a high school for children with language and literacy disorders when I met Jenny, a ninth-grader with severe anxiety. Often, she felt so nervous in class that she ran out. Her teachers panicked. Someone had to search the school. Kids and teachers naturally got upset, and Jenny missed out on the chance to learn. The fears for her safety were even worse since no one knew where she’d gone. But with one teacher, Pamela—a softspoken woman who moonlighted as a yoga teacher—she...

ML May 2023The International Montessori Council

The Importance of the Kindergarten Year

Every year in January, one of us will write an article about the importance of children who are turning five completing the three-year cycle of the Montessori Early Childhood program. We do this because this is a decision that is truly important for any child who has grown up, thus far, in a Montessori program. We understand how tempting it is for parents who have their children enrolled in a non-public Montessori school to make the switch at Kindergarten to avoid another year of tuition....

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Montessori, the Second Plane, and Imagination

    There's something interesting that I've learned about children through Montessori, and it's the incredible power of imagination for elementary children, not younger ones. Imagination is something we often attribute to small children. During preschool years we might say, “Look at how much they pretend!” For the elementary years, society expects rote learning of concrete facts; however, as Montessori parents, we recognize that it’s quite the opposite. Young children live in a...

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EmpowermentMFAMontessori Family LifeMontessori ParentingTC April 2023Tomorrow's Child

Do I Just Say Yes to Everything?

  Have you heard that you should use positive language with your child? Positive language is often interpreted to mean just saying yes, yet really it means wording things in a way to offer specific guidance and tells children what to do. When we begin to consider it this way, we realize how often we tell what not to do, rather than what to do. Positive language tells children why and how to do certain things. It is a communication strategy that avoids using the words no, don’t, and...

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