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  The Montessori Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing Montessori education in the United States and abroad. The Foundation was established in 1992 to create an independent source of assistance, encouragement, and support for the international Montessori community.  The Montessori Foundation and its membership organization, The International Montessori Council, nurture, inspire and support the development of strong, successful schools worldwide. The...

Maria MontessoriMFAMontessori EducationPrepared EnvironmentTC February 2023

Maria Montessori: How It All Began

  This originally appeared in the Introduction to The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin and Paul Epstein, 2003 Editor’s Note: January 6, 2023 was the 116th anniversary of the opening of the first Montessori Children’s House in Italy. We included this article in honor of Dr. Montessori’s work around the world. In 1907, an Italian physician was invited to open a child-care facility for fifty preschool-aged children in a section of Rome that was avoided and neglected because of its oppressive...

San Lorenzo April 6, 1907
Dear CathieEmotionally Healthy ChildrenMFATC February 2023

Attributes of Montessori Children

DEAR CATHIE— IS THERE REALLY A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHILDREN WHO HAVE ATTENDED A MONTESSORI SCHOOL AND THOSE WHO ATTEND OTHER SCHOOLS? DOES THE SCHOOL, ESPECIALLY THE PRESCHOOL, ONE ATTENDS REALLY MATTER THAT MUCH? — A PONDERING PAPA Dear Papa, This is a question that has plagued parents for many decades. And yet generation after generation of parents tour schools looking for the best fit for their child and family. Montessori schools across the world do have some startling similarities, and...

four boys hugging
KindergartenMFAMontessori CurriculumMontessori EducationTC February 2023

Staying the Course: The Importance of Montessori for the Kindergarten Year

It’s re-enrollment time, and if you or a friend have a child who will be ‘ready’ for kindergarten next fall, you may be debating about sticking with Montessori or sending them off to the local schools. The choice may seem apparent. Why would anyone want to invest in another year’s tuition when the local schools are free? Naturally, the answer may be connected to family finances. However, many families of modest means make their children’s education a top priority and see the choice of...

children working in a Montessori classroom
MFAMixed AgesMontessori EducationTC February 2023

Why Montessori Elementary?

Our kids are the most important people in our lives. Many of us strive for our children to have better lives than we had, even when we’ve led wonderful lives. Therefore, making a choice different from the norm can be challenging. Though Montessori education has been around for over one hundred years, most people don’t have a direct experience with it. Even those who pursue college degrees in education often hear no more than a basic explanation of Maria Montessori’s contributions to the...

child labeling a map
Family ResourcesMFAMontessori ParentingTC February 2023Tomorrow's Child

Reflections of Tomorrow’s Child: The Montessori Magazine

  It was important to me that my children have the opportunity to attend Montessori, at least for the 3-6 program. Once that time came around for my son, none of my friends had children in a Montessori school, no one at work had children in a Montessori school, and our geographically closest family wasn’t sure what Montessori was. When the owner of the school told me about something positive my son had done and called him by name, I came home and told my husband, “Even if no one knows...

girl using the zipper frame
Family ResourcesMFAMontessori ParentingTC February 2023

Creating Family-School Partnerships

  When parents and schools work together in confidence and harmony, everyone benefits. Children do much better in school when they see their parents involved and comfortable in their relationship with the teachers, staff, and other families. Sometimes this develops naturally, and sometimes it can feel difficult to know where to begin. Many of us wish for an ideal partnership with our child’s teachers and the school. It could make things more productive. Many parents say they would...

drawing of a family
DisciplineEarly Adolescence (12-15)Family ResourcesLater Adolescence (15-18)MFAMontessori ParentingMontessori Secondary / High SchoolTC February 2023

How to Disagree with Your Teen in an Empowering Way

  I am sure you are all painfully aware of the damage that is caused by the ‘haters’ in the world. Haters spew their venom on school buses, in classrooms, hallways and all over the many forms of social media. This can cause anxiety, pressure, depression, avoidance and suicidal thoughts; unfortunately it is hard to protect your teen from it. Being accepted and emotionally safe are huge needs for teens these days. They may not receive this from the outside world but it is one thing we...

Female teen and female adult talking.
MFAMontessori EducationMontessori GraduatesTC February 2023

Reflections on Montessori & Whether it Prepares Children for the Real World

How do Montessori students succeed when they leave the Montessori environment? Here are some interesting responses shared with us 30 years ago and some much more recently. It is fascinating to see how much their answers, given so many years ago, dovetail with what we hear today in Montessori schools worldwide. David Kahn Former Executive Director of the North American Montessori Teachers' Association Montessori is the real world! The Montessori classroom is very true to life. Children...

Child floating a paper boat on a pond outdoors.
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Our Table

Our Table Written by Peter Reynolds Violet’s family has become distracted by technology and no longer comes together at their table. The table actually shrinks and disappears, with only Violet noticing. Violet asks the members of her family, one by one and, utilizing the technology they enjoy, to help her build a new table. The whole family remembers the power of coming together to share at the family table. This story, beautifully illustrated by Peter Reynolds and using color to help...

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