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Is Learning “Lost” When Kids Are Out of School?

Is Learning “Lost” When Kids Are Out of School?

Anguish and even anger are entirely appropriate reactions to the fact that Covid-19 infection rates are still too high in most areas to permit the safe reopening of schools. Not only do many of our kids miss their friends and the chance to make new ones, but school attendance is a prerequisite for millions of parents to go to work. Also, schools provide healthy meals, which matters in a country with appalling levels of poverty and hunger.

Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard Project Changed How Berkeley Students Eat. Its Next Goal: To Fight Climate Change

itting in the sun-drenched dining room of her famed Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, Alice Waters explained the philosophical principle guiding much of her life since 1944, the year she was born: “Our senses are our pathways into our minds.” Waters lingered over the point, which, like her food, is deceptively simple. “So,” Waters continued, resolute, […]

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