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Webcast:  The Pink Tower

Webcast: The Pink Tower

Webcast This week, we will take a look at that most iconic Montessori material, the Pink Tower.: What is it? How is it used? What does it teach? Why is it pink? What about all of those variations and extensions? Where do they fit in?

Ten Essential Montessori Principles (Plus One!)

hen people first come to study the approach that bears Dr. Maria Montessori’s name, they often see it as simplistic—easily grasped and even more easily implemented. It is not uncommon to hear Montessori principles boiled down: it’s “all about choice”; “independence is the centerpiece”; or “it focuses upon the idea of ‘work.’” Montessori is much […]

Why Our Montessori Classrooms Are Computer Free

      omputers have opened up all sorts of educational opportunities in the last twenty years. Any student pursuing research, from first grade through graduate school, needs to have access to the internet, encyclopedias on CD rom, library data bases, and word processing. Most communications in universities and much of that in the professional […]

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Webinar:  Language II / Sandpaper Letters

Webinar: Language II / Sandpaper Letters

Sandpaper Letters are one of the top three materials used in the Language area of the 3-6 classroom for supporting children’s learning to associate the sight, sound, and shape of the letters in the English alphabet. They are a brilliantly designed multi-sensory material used in conjunction with the Three Period Lesson to assist young children […]

Webinar: Language III / Moveable Alphabet

Webinar: Language III / Moveable Alphabet

This is the third in a series of talks about the essential Montessori language materials. Tune in to find out more about what the purpose of the Moveable Alphabet is and how we use it in our classrooms. Montessori said that children can write before they read.

Montessori Helps Dad Recover / One Family’s Story

n November of 1974, young father and husband Herk Exline was just launching into a career in the family printing business, and the dreams of a parent of a blossoming ten-month-old daughter who was the “apple of his eye.” His wife, Kris, had just learned that they would be having a second child in June. […]

Coming Together / Community Service

Economic Struggles Unite a Soup Kitchen, Market, Social Services, & Montessori to Serve a Community in Need Community Montessori School Ft. Myers, Florida everal years ago I met a young Montessori teacher at one of our international conferences. I often keep in touch with many such people because I love hearing about what they are up […]

Bringing Montessori Home / The Town Game

The Town Game This is a wonderful activity for either the classroom or home. It helps children learn how to read a map, follow directions, and practice their reading. Materials: Provide a large piece of heavy-grade vinyl (thick enough that it lays flat but can still be rolled up like a rug). On this sheet […]

Those Mysterious Montessori Materials:  Golden Beads & the Stamp Game

Those Mysterious Montessori Materials: Golden Beads & the Stamp Game

  ontessori children work with hands-on learning materials that make abstract concepts clear and concrete. The materials allow young students to develop a clear inner image of concepts in mathematics, such as value and the ability to conceptualize how big a thousand is, what we mean when we refer to the ‘hundreds’ column, and what […]