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Webcast: Montessori and Imagination – do they go together?

Webcast: Montessori and Imagination – do they go together?

Download PDF of slides Is Montessori education purely a reality-based program or is it a means of stimulating and developing the imagination? Are these two goals incompatible or complimentary? Michael and Tim discuss the meaning of imagination, kinds of imagination, its role in Montessori schools, and to compare it in Montessori to conventional schools. We compare and contrast imagination in both the […]

Webcast:  Lesson Planning

Webcast: Lesson Planning

November 16, 2016  / Dr. Michael Dorer spoke about How to Plan Lessons in Montessori Programs: Do you want these in your Montessori classrooms? Offering each child the full curriculum Reaching everybody Better lessons Balance Consistency Positive relations among classrooms Integration between levels Can these be achieved? Certainly! Michael discussed Lesson Planning as a direct […]