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I am delighted to be sharing our work in Accreditation. Firstly, let me share the exciting News that IMC has 17 fully Accredited schools.

We have 12 Schools in the Self Study process from all over the United States, including Poland, Qatar, and the Cayman Islands. These schools are small, medium, and large public, charter, private, or affiliated with a religious organization.

Last year, we conducted an On-site Visit for Accreditation in the Virtual World. Starting in January, we will be back into our wonderful schools, celebrating and validating all of the great work happening. This Winter/Spring, we will be busy with visits to all of these schools who are first-time accreditation OR re-accreditation with IMC: Ghent School, VA; New Gate School, FL; Montessori Community School Salt Lake City, UT; Leap Montessori, NM; Innovation Montessori School, FL.

We updated the Accreditation Handbook and all forms that relate to the process. We have attracted over —-new volunteers to our Volunteer Corps to assist with accreditation visits.

Additionally, we are working on teams for joint Accreditation Organizations, ie. AMS, Cognia. Working with Regional, State, National, and International Organizations strengthens our relationships to support fully implemented Montessori Schools.

It is my privilege to spend time creating a personal relationship with schools, leaders, and teachers. If you would like to become a part of the Accreditation Volunteer Teams, kindly reach out. We have opportunities to read self-studies and become a part of On Site Verifying Teams.

At IMC, we are grateful for our community of IMC volunteers.

I am looking forward to building strong and lasting relationships within our community. Sheila Linville

Sheila Linville Director of Accreditation & Affiliation, International Montessori Council (IMC)

Sheila is passionate about Montessori Education and has three decades of experience as a Head of School, Classroom Guide on the Primary and Lower Elementary levels, and Leadership/Teacher Coach and Consultant. She currently serves as Director of School Accreditation and Affiliation with the International Montessori Council (IMC). She receives great satisfaction from helping schools organize a Guidance Program for their students and families. She is the Executive Director of The Andrews Educational Institute, a foundation for supporting Montessori and Progressive schools. Sheila has two sons, both who are Montessori graduates, and works alongside her dedicated and loving husband Scott.