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Grandparent’s Corner:  A Warm Heart in the Cold Northeast

Grandparent’s Corner: A Warm Heart in the Cold Northeast

moved to southwest Florida 18 years ago to escape the cold, harsh winters of upstate New York. However, my children did not follow and, subsequently, three of my four granddaughters were born, yup, in the dead of the northeast winter season. Thank goodness I keep winter coats and boots amongst my flamingo-patterned Capris! In late […]

The Two-Second Rule

The Two-Second Rule

“Look, mommy! I’m daddy!” hree-year-old Scotty opened a blue marker and scribbled on the wall as his mom, Margie, cut vegetables for dinner. Scotty had watched his dad paint the kitchen over the weekend. Now Scotty was trying to ‘help,’ or so Margie surmised in the split second of disbelief and dismay as she took […]

Treasure Baskets & Heuristic Play

Treasure Baskets & Heuristic Play

n recent years, extensive neuroscience research of this age range has proven the importance of providing stimulating resources, opportunities, time, and space for play. Through many years of research, it has been proven that providing sensory play for children is an essential part of their development. This type of stimulation makes connections in the brain, […]

Cooking Corner

lakely and I have been cooking in the kitchen together since she was just a toddler. I started by taking her to the market to pick out fruits and vegetables and using the process to engage her in food selection, thus expanding her palette. Children will be more likely to eat a diverse diet when […]

All Hands On!!!!  Science Inquiry With Young Toddlers

All Hands On!!!! Science Inquiry With Young Toddlers

  cience may not be a topic that families emphasize with their toddlers. Instead, families may focus on sharing story books, building structures with blocks, exploring crayons and paint, and simply playing with toddlers’ favorite toys. These are all excellent choices, but the world of inquiry-based science offers surprising opportunities for toddlers too. The following […]