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Tips for Encouraging and  Supporting the Developmental Needs of Your Elementary Child

Webinar: Transitioning Children into Montessori

Are you considering starting your child in a Montessori school at four years old, 8 years old, 15 years old? Robin Howe, Associate Head of NewGate School, explains the in’s and out’s of the admission process when new older students and their families wish to start in Montessori. Schools carefully consider many factors before admitting […]

Should We Continue with Montessori for Elementary … or Move on?

Author’s Note:  This article is told in part by the author, and in part through the words of several Montessori teachers, students and parents with whom I spoke in preparing our DVD, Joyful Scholars – The Elementary Mon-tessori Program, available from the Montessori Foundation publication center (www. s children near the end of their kindergarten […]