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Webinar:  Anticipate, Participate, Cooperate

Webinar: Anticipate, Participate, Cooperate

Being with young children can be a heartwarming experience as well as a challenging one at times. Lorna will explore ways of communicating and responding to them that will allow for independence while avoiding the pitfalls of power struggles and tantrums. The focus will be on expressive and receptive language and some social/emotional development. APC […]

Webinar:  Why screen toddlers?

Webinar: Why screen toddlers?

Lorna McGrath – Why Screen Toddlers? Take a look together with Lorna at the pro’s and con’s of screening toddlers, the screening tools available, and what information would be helpful to parents and teachers as children grow and develop

Webinar:  Separation Anxiety

Webinar: Separation Anxiety

August 23 – Lorna McGrath – Separation Anxiety: “Yikes! I’ve got it!” In this session Lorna will focus on the young child and her first days of school – saying “Good-bye.” Who has more anxiety? You or your child? Lorna will share tips for parents to make those good byes go more smoothly and comfortably […]