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The International Magazine for Montessori Families

Table of Contents | MARCH 2021 ISSUE

Woodworking by Lorna McGrath & Pete Moorhouse

Developing Attention Span via Polishing
by Julia Vollkman

Teach Your Children Well by Bridgett Wheeler

Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneur-ship by Maya Spikes

How to Explain the Covid Vaccine as a Story by Gavin McCormack

Why Montessori Schools Succeed in a Crisis by Elizabeth Topliffe

Individual Liberty and the Common Good
by Andrew Kutt

The Path to Literacy by Charlotte Snyder

Bedtime Routines
by Lorna McGrath &
Tim Seldin

Parenting with Intention  by Cindy Acker

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The Wonder of Woodworking

The Wonder of Woodworking

Especially since many schools have been forced online by Covid, we have received some letters from parents asking this question: What should we do if our child doesn’t like or bond with her teacher (in person or online)? In a normal year, our advice would typically be to first go to the teacher and try to have an honest conversation directly as adults.



The International Magazine for Montessori Families
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