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New Course for Montessori Educators


(Helping Everyone Learn Positive Behavior)

New Course for Montessori Educators



An Important New Course

Audience: Elementary Montessori Teachers, Assistants and School Administrators

More and more schools are experiencing an increase in enrollment of Special Needs Students.

The Montessori Method is wonderfully suited for children with exceptionalities, but many Montessori guides struggle to understand and meet the needs of challenging children while peacefully including these children in a normalized classroom.

Working with The Montessori Foundation, Montessori Guide and Special Educator, Maria Eva Chaffin, M.Ed.; and Behavior Analyst, Brynn Rangel, M.B.A. have joined together to deliver comprehensive and unique insight and guidance on addressing children with challenging behavior.

Brynn Rangel brings her insight as a Behavior Analyst in the Montessori classroom to better understand and identify patterns and strategies for children with varying exceptionalities.

 Maria Eva Chaffin offers extensive Montessori and Special Needs teaching and classroom experience to leverage the Montessori Method to interpret and apply behavioral strategies in the classroom to normalize struggling children.

Experience video examples of Real, Practical and Applicable strategies being applied in a Montessori classroom to actual students with challenging behavior.




You will have ongoing access and can watch the recorded videos on your own schedule.

The live course ran over four weeks 

Each week we met for a 90-minute live video workshop led by Maria Eva Chaffin, Brynn Rangel, and Tim Seldin.

There is a recording of the live sessions and a workbook in PDF form for you to print out.

Each suggests a week-long process of thought and consideration.

We uploaded the video files shortly after each live session.

This is a recorded course. When the next one is offered live, contact us and you can join without additional cost.

Participants will have ongoing access to the course.



• Summarize how the Montessori method applies to Special Needs Students, the accommodations and modifications required.

• Identify what is required from the teachers to support a classroom with children with challenging behavior.

• Identify strategies that will decrease challenging behavior and improve the quality of life for all children in the Montessori environment.



Course curriculum

  • Week 1 Introduction and Overview

    • Welcome!!!
    • Overview
    • Conversation and Stories
    • PDF of Slides From Webinar Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Montessori Classroom
    • Introductory Montessori Leadership Webcast – Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Montessori Classroom
    • Pre- Assignment
    • Week 1 assignment
    • Overview of Montessori in Special Education
    • Strategies for Building Relationships
    • Video Recording of Week 1 Live Session April 10, 2018
    • Audio Recording of Week 1 Live Session April 10, 2018
    • Text of instant messaging during first live session
    • Tell us what worked and what could be more helpful
  • Week 2 • Classroom management strategies in the Primary setting
    • Welcome to week 2!!!
    • Overview
    • Conversation and Stories
    • Strategies for Building a Strong Team & Prepare yourself
    • Video Recording of 2nd session April 17, 2018
    • Week 2 Assignment
    • Text of chat during session 2
  • Week 3: Primary (3-6) • Four examples of how to apply these strategies
    • Welcome back to week 3!
    • Four examples of how to adapt specific lessons and provide instruction to students with learning exceptionalities and/or challenging behaviors:
    • Conversation and Stories
    • Week 3 Assignment
    • Montessori Teacher Training: The Calypso Paradigm
    • What do you do when Additional Encouragement is Needed
    • FAST
    • Video Recording of 3rd session April 24, 2018
    • The At Risk Child- How the Montessori Classroom Enhances Learning
    • Audio recording of the 3rd session on April 24th, 2018
    • Text of live chat from week 3 session – April 24th, 2018
  • Week 4: Two more examples of specific lessons adapted
    • Video Recording of 4th Session May 1, 2018
    • Two more examples of specific lessons adapted:
    • Conversation and Stories
    • The Myth of the “Perfect” Child
    • Collaborating with Parents
    • Audio recording of Session 4 May 1, 2018
    • Text of the live chat during the 4th session May 1, 2018

Cost: $175 – Ongoing Access

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