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The Montessori Leadership Institute


Our courses are hosted on the Thinkific platform which means you will be redirected when clicking to learn more. Registration is directly through Thinkific.

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The MLI offers a wide range of pre-recorded, blended, and live courses for Montessori guides, leaders, and administrators. All of our courses feature interactive discussion and participant access to course resources. The courses are designed and facilitated by Montessori leaders, to engage, educate, and inspire.

For more information on any of our courses, please contact either Tim Seldin at or Kathy Leitch at

Appreciative Leadership for Montessori Leaders

A six-session webinar series based on the proven techniques of Appreciate Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership and designed to give Montessori leaders concrete, positive tools to enhance and strengthen their work.

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What is Appreciative Leadership?

Appreciative Leadership is a positive, strength-based  approach to the responsibilities and challenges of leadership. It draws on the principles and  techniques of Appreciative Inquiry, a collaborative approach to personal and organizational  development that focuses on strengths, possibilities, and successes and that can be far more  engaging and productive than traditional problem-based approaches. 


Putting the Peace(s) Together with PIP: Prevention, Intervention and Partnerships

This course is designed with four pre recorded sessions of 60-90 minutes each and two live sessions of 90 minutes with the capability for breakout rooms so that participants can work interactively in small groups as well as the larger group.

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We can create more peaceable classrooms and schools when we put the “peace(s)” together in thoughtful, compassionate, and intentional ways. Using the acronym of PIP, we will consider the tasks of Prevention, Intervention, and building Partnerships to create a more peaceable classroom and alleviate behaviors that cause problems in the classroom. Behavior more than academic diversity is what teachers often find most challenging.  Management of problem behaviors is the most troubling issue facing schools identified by educators and the general public. We all learn best in a peaceful vs. distressing environment.  So, where do we begin?

Finding the right balance between nurturing and reasonable limit setting is an ongoing task for teachers and parents alike. Creating confident, competent, and compassionate children is the goal we all share. This course will examine the strategies for preventing as many troubling behaviors as possible, how to intervene based on our Montessori principles as a restorative approach, and how to develop partnerships with our parents and community members to resolve underlying issues.  In four-part prerecorded and two-part live sessions, participants will gain practical and strategic tools for building peaceable classrooms and schools that can benefit everyone in the most significant ways.

Yes, You Can Teach It All: Managing the Elementary Montessori Curriculum| Cohort 12 – Starting this Fall

This will be the twelth cohort of this course, which seems to meet a real need for many elementary guides. 


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There is no one time when you must be online live. The work will unfold week-by-week. Optional discussions will be offered a few times during the course.

To many elementary Montessori guides, the instructional process is intimidating, even baffling. The curriculum seems daunting and intellectually challenging, even for the adult. This course will help you to address these challenges and gain new confidence.

The Great Lessons: Inspiring A Sense Of Wonder

Eight modules with Michael’s prerecorded talks, 19 diverse, rich, and stimulating interviews with Montessori guides from all the world over, a real album-like resource book with references from respected educators and foundational theories, and more.

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Of course there are many good lessons, even some very good lessons, but there are certain lessons which are especially great! They are so Great that they are called the Great Lessons.

Join Michael in this exciting, focused, fun, and eye-opening course on the Great Lessons. You may be surprised! You will discover that this is not simply a rehashing of Montessori ideas or conventional Montessori knowledge. Be prepared to learn new and different things and experience challenging ideas while experiencing so much input from many different sources.

You will really benefit if you are a Montessori guide or trainee for the elementary years. Maybe you need a refresher on great lessons or maybe you never even had them in training. This course is also ideal for primary guides, heads of school, teacher educators, adolescent guides, curriculum directors, homeschoolers, and parents. In fact, anyone who is curious about the Great Lessons is welcome.

You will find that there is, in fact, something for everyone in this class. Eight modules with Michael’s prerecorded talks, 19 diverse, rich, and stimulating interviews with Montessori guides from all the world over, a real album-like resource book with references from respected educators and foundational theories, and a concluding zoom session to boot!  That is a lot for one class, even one that is great.

This class is all self-paced, so you can hurry through or take your time-it is up to you.

Be part of something great-great lessons. Sign up today! Ask a friend or colleague to join you in this learning opportunity.


24th Annual Montessori Foundation |IMC Conference

The full video and audio proceedings of the 24th annual Montessori Foundation/IMC international conference. Registrants receive a certificate for 17.5 hours or professional development. 

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This special edition includes almost 40 hours of presentations.

The Montessori Foundation, in partnership with The International Montessori Council, presents

The complete recordings and resources of our  international conference, broadcast world-wide from Florida, Washington, DC and California

It was a unique 3-day broadcast experience like you have never seen before.


To see more of how we organized the conference, go to

You will have full ongoing access

5 dynamic keynote speakers addressing crucial topics

20 timely, interactive workshops and roundtables

Interactive sessions on stress and trauma … social justice … leading through crisis .. music for healing … and many more!

Sessions were recorded for participant access

Certificate of Professional Development for participants

Virtual Exhibit Expo

Q & A opportunities


Even though this year we were socially distanced, we have preserved the community, connection, and sense of celebration that make our conferences unique.