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Giving to The Montessori Foundation

The Montessori Foundation Needs Your Help. Since 1992, the Montessori Foundation has been an independent source of inspiration, guidance, and help to Montessori schools and families around the world. We provide free or affordable leadership development, school consulting, guidance through challenging times, and expert insights. For families, we offer reliable information and insights into how and why Montessori works, from infancy through high school. Our parenting education programs, parent coaching programs, free webcasts, and our parent’s network, The Montessori Family Alliance, give parents a community. Our family magazine, Tomorrow’s Child, is in its 30th year of publication. Our annual International Montessori Conference brings together thousands of in-person and virtual participants.

In this crisis, Montessori schools need our help, now more than ever. In addition to the challenge of remaining financially viable, administrators and teachers have sought help from the Foundation to re-configure Montessori’s hands-on curriculum to a parent-friendly, online approach, ensuring that learning continues.

While we don’t know how long this crisis will last, the Montessori Foundation expects that there will be an ongoing need to continue working with schools, as they face the challenges of reopening and re-stabilizing their entire community.

Your donation will help the Montessori Foundation meet the increased professional challenges of the present crisis and provide for the time that schools are ready to re-open their doors. With help, we will be able to continue to provide the individualized support and coaching each school will need to return to an uncertain new reality.

Your Donations & How They are Used

To help Montessori schools in the USA and around the world. In the midst of this global pandemic, The Montessori Foundation quickly pivoted our focus to develop free and immediate support for parents, teachers, and administrators. This has been a herculean effort undertaken by our staff and many generous volunteers.

Of course, The Foundation’s normal daily functions must continue to occur in spite of the current global pandemic. We continue to operate and provide:

  • Tomorrow’s Child magazine
  • Montessori Leadership magazine
  • Courses through the Montessori Leadership Institute
  • The Montessori Family Alliance
  • Conferences & Events
  • Our Lab School: NewGate School in Sarasota, FL
  • The Foundation’s online bookstore
  • Support and content for members of

Initiatives Developed to Help Our Community Cope with the Ramifications of COVID19

Montessori Family Support Gatherings

Every Monday and Friday, The Montessori Foundation is providing free Montesssori Family Support Gatherings via Zoom, led by Montessori experts to help parents and educators navigate this unprecedented situation.

Montessori Collaborative Response and Resources

The Montessori Foundation has developed and is offering a series of  small group financial support sessions via ZOOM. These sessions provide support with financial strategies to independentnonprofit and private schools needing financial crisis management support in the short term. The coaching sessions are led by experienced mentors who have volunteered to offer support to schools.

free intensive, practical workshops

The Montessori Foundation recognizes that our community needs extra support in order to sustain financial, emotional, and community stability during these uncertain times.

Special facebook groups for Montessori educators

The Montessori Foundation has initiated four Facebook groups (infant/toddler guides, early childhood guides, elementary guides, and secondary guides) facilitated by Foundation staff and volunteers to support these teachers as they strive to provide quality Montessori education ‘online.’

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you have questions about the Montessori Foundation, International Montessori Council, Montessori Family Alliance or would like to volunteer, please contact us.

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