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Classified Ads

To Place a Classified Ad in Tomorrow’s Child and/or on Our Website:
  • Email the text of your ad to
  • Remember to include a brief description of what you are looking for, such as “Lower Elementary Teacher Wanted” or “School for Sale.”
  • It is also helpful to include some geographic details, such as “Boston, MA.”
  • Add any deadlines, if applicable.
  • Don will create a contract / invoice based on $2 per word ($50 minimum) and return a contract and text for your approval.
  • Pay for the ad using a credit card (or send a check to:  Montessori Foundation / 19600 E State Road 64 / Bradenton, FL 3421.
  • When payment is received, the ad will be posted on our website, where it will remain for two months. It will also be placed in Tomorrow’s Child if it is received at a time when there is an upcoming issue.
  • We cannot guarantee that your ad will be placed in Tomorrow’s Child due to publishing deadlines and spacing
  • If you do NOT want your ad in Tomorrow’s Child (i.e., you only want it onlilne), please let us know. The price is the same.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Don Dinsmore at 941-729-9565 or 800-655-5843.

School Leadership Positions


Montessori Teaching Positions


Preschool Teacher for New, Progressive Model (Future) School (Qatar)

Starting date: Academic year 2019-2020
  • Are you a passionate and committed educator?
  • Are you fascinated by the way children learn?
  • Are you frustrated by traditional ways of teaching?
  • Are you convinced there must be a better way?

If you answer Yes to each of these questions, you are on the same page as us. We want to challenge the norm; think outside the box; be creative with our pedagogy and with our environment; take learning into new places and spaces, and prepare our children for a world we can only imagine. Personal growth; creativity; academic achievement – each is important in its own right, but we imagine a future of holistic integration that inspires our children to learn for the love of it and to graduate our schools prepared to follow the path of their choosing.

Our school is rapidly taking shape in our thoughts and ideas, and now we need to turn it into reality. You will be central to that process. You will bring ideas and experiences of your own as well as embracing those of others; you will draw inspiration from research and from progressive models of education across the Globe. You will embrace the collaborative ethos of our strategists and research partners whilst demonstrating vision and leadership. You will translate an aspiration into practical innovation.

Our school will be exciting, innovative and very different, and it will be at the heart of the Qatar Foundation’s family of schools in Education City in Doha. It will be a dual-language school (English & Arabic) and, as such, applications will be particularly welcome from candidates who fluent in both languages as well as native speakers of English or Arabic. Primary grades will open first to set the stage for the School to grow organically towards a full K-12 program on maturity when we expect to have around 480 students.

Application Procedure: Kindly send your application by , which you can download from , your CV and a Statement of education philosophy, including an explanation of why you believe you are the right person for the position to the Director, Mrs. Maryam Al-Hajri, at and copied to the Executive Director of QF Schools, Mr. Stuart Leeming, at

The deadline for receipt of applications is Jan 31st 2019



Montessori Preschool Teacher needed for New School in Naples (FL)

The Garden School finished construction in July, 2017, and opened for its first class in August, 2018.  We have been growing rapidly, and are now in need of a new teacher.

Our model is a larger group, with three trained Montessori teachers, team teaching, with 33 children from 2 to 6.

We are affiliated with AMS, and licensed by the state of Florida.  Call Kathy Khatib, Director, at:   239-628-9395; or email at: