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Cultivating Deep and Deliberate Engagement, The Essentials of Self-Directed Learning

An On-Line Course

Facilitated by Tanya Ryskind and Jonathan Wolff

Maria Montessori called it concentration.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it flow. Neuroscientists call it deep and sustained brain engagement.  The ability of a child to become absorbed in play or work activity is foundational to learning. It is how new neural connections are formed.  According to many educators, the ability to maintain focus is the single biggest predictor of academic success. This workshop will highlight the conditions and elements necessary for deep and deliberate engagement to occur.  

Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of what deep engagement means and why it is a key element in the process of normalization.  Participants will have an opportunity to create a personal action plan to use at their schools.

Areas of inquiry will include:

  • The inner and outer preparation of the teacher
  • The design and upkeep of the prepared environment
  • The establishment and enforcement of Grace and Courtesy agreements
  • The coordination of the classroom teaching team
  • The quantity and quality of student to student support
  • The long, uninterrupted work period
  • The conduct of adults entering the classroom

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