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Thursday, November 8, 2018

For the first time we are adding 4 extraordinary workshops on Thursday. While there is an additional charge for 3 of the workshops, it’s really value added when you get this full day extra opportunity.

The DERs/MEFs training is included in the fee schools paid to participate in the Consortium. Only those who are IMC school members and have enrolled in the Consortium can attend this workshop. There is no additional fee.

IMC members receive a discounted rate for any one of the following 3 all day workshops:

  1. Negotiating the Uncertainties of Running a Montessori School –Being Prepared for a Variety of Volatile Variables
    Tim Seldin, Jonathan Wolff, Andrew Kutt
  2. Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Montessori Classroom
    Brynn Rangel and Maria Eva Chaffin
  3. IT ALL ADDS UP! Elementary One Arithmetic Master Class.
    Michael Dorer and Robin Howe

There is a separate wufoo registration form these workshops. Only have Thursday to attend? That’s fine, just take one of these workshops.

All 3 classes run from 9:00 – 4:30 PM

OPTION Thursday 1
Negotiating the Uncertainties of Running a Montessori School: Being Prepared for a Variety of Volatile Variables
Tim Seldin, Jonathan Wolff, Andrew Kutt

  • Heading a Montessori public or private school is fraught with a plethora of potential challenges:
  • Attracting and retaining the “right fit” families
  • Recruiting and nurturing well-trained teachers who can relate to adults as well children
  • Addressing the needs of hyper-vigilant//hyper-critical parents
  • Accommodating an increasing number of children with exceptionalities
  • Retaining students at key transition points, such as kindergarten and middle school
  • Recruiting board members who focus on governance not operations
  • Keeping volunteers and parent associations constructively engaged
  • Creating fund raising campaigns that get results
  • Steering clear of legal landmines, including health, safety, discrimination, and termination issues
  • Choosing and using technology that is affordable and user-friendly
  • Setting your program apart from local competition, including other Montessori schools, independent-private, and public/ charter programs
  • Knowing when and how to expand the school, including introducing new program/age levels
  • Creating a system of professional development that motivates teachers to learn and grow
  • Preparing and responding to planned and unplanned staffing changes
  • Identifying and nurturing future leaders – instructional and administrative
  • Getting parents to attend school events on a regular basis, including parent education programs

Which of these challenges have you wrestled with or are you facing currently? The topics to be addressed in the Leadership Symposium will be identified by the participants. We want to know your needs, your challenges, and your goals for your school.


OPTION Thursday 2  
Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Montessori Classroom
Brynn Rangel and Maria Eva Chaffin

More and more schools are experiencing an increase in enrollment of students with special needs. The Montessori Method is wonderfully suited for children with exceptionalities, but many Montessori guides struggle to understand and meet the needs of challenging children while peacefully including these children in a normalized classroom.

This course will allow you to experience Real, Practical and Applicable strategies being applied in Montessori classrooms to actual students with challenging behavior at the Primary, Elementary and Secondary Levels.

Working with The Montessori Foundation, Montessori Guide and Special Educator, Maria Eva Chaffin, M.Ed.; and Behavior Analyst, Brynn Rangel, M.B.A., BCBA, have joined together to deliver comprehensive and unique insight and guidance on addressing children with challenging behavior.

Brynn Rangel brings her insight as a Behavior Analyst in the Montessori classroom to better understand and identify patterns and strategies for children with varying exceptionalities.

Maria Eva Chaffin offers extensive Montessori and Special Needs teaching and classroom experience to leverage the Montessori Method to interpret and apply behavioral strategies in the classroom to normalize struggling children.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Summarize how the Montessori method applies to students with exceptionalities, the accommodations and modifications required.
  • Identify what is required from the teachers to support a classroom with children with challenging behavior.
  • Identify strategies that will decrease challenging behavior and improve the quality of life for all children in the Montessori environment.

OPTION Thursday 3   
It All Adds Up! A Elementary One Arithmetic Master Class.
Michael Dorer and Robin Howe

Join Michael and Robin as they journey through many of the most recognized arithmetic materials of the Lower Elementary program for certified Montessori elementary guides. This very intensive and detailed workshop is a refresher and new look at arithmetic in the lower elementary. You will explore and revisit fundamental principles of lesson planning and evaluation while focusing on a creative approach to elementary arithmetic materials.
Some key concepts include: the four operations; mathematical storytelling;  aims;  control of error, evaluation;  lesson study, and more.

You will participate in a vital and renewing review of the math work in a stimulating, creative, hands-on adventure that will extend into all areas of the curriculum and lead to a deeper understanding of Montessori, the materials, and the philosophy.

Prepare to be inspired!



SPECIAL EVENT THURSDAY EVENING-pick up a snack and drink and join Jan Selby for the film and Q & A session following the movie.

A Montessori Film Premiere

You are invited to the premiere of an engaging and powerful new film: the first documentary focusing on
Montessori schools in the United States.

Formerly known as “Building the Pink Tower” (new title to be revealed in October), this groundbreaking film brings audiences inside public and independent Montessori schools around the United States (Dallas, Saint Paul, Saint Louis, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee). Education experts, parents, teachers, students, and administrators share how the Montessori method is transforming lives and their communities. In each story, Montessori principles will come to life through seeing children of all ages direct their own learning in beautiful, developmentally designed learning environments.

This documentary film will inspire and expand the vision of what’s possible in education, and has the power to energize local Montessori movements and influence the education conversation for the entire nation. Be one of the first to see this important film!

“Building the Pink Tower” is a production of Quiet Island Films
Co-Director/Producers: Jan Selby & Vina Kay