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The International Montessori Council (IMC) is an international organization of Montessori schools, the men and women who lead them, own them, or serve on their boards, and other organizations interested in supporting the goals of the IMC. As an independent Montessori professional and accrediting organization, the IMC serves the entire Montessori community. Affordable & Meaningful Support for Montessori Leaders and Schools: The International Montessori Council (IMC) is a worldwide, 501(c)(6) professional membership organization of Montessori schools, their leaders, parents, and friends.
Dr. Montessori’s legacy needs to be preserved in the face of rapid expansion and adaptation in a wide array of situations. We are concerned that Montessori could one day become “whatever anyone does in her name” and the value of the method for children will be lost. Montessori is both a set of practices and […]