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Parenting Without Borders

By Christine Gross-Loh

I so appreciate Christine Gross-Loh sharing her insights, stories from parents around the world, and research information from many sources. As a parenting instructor and Montessori guide, I found this book to be both eye-opening, in some cases and confirming in others.

Dr. Gross-Loh does not make judgments but presents different perspectives on how to parent based on the culture of the country or area. She allows readers to look at many styles of parenting and to come to their own conclusions.

I noticed that many cultures’ parenting practices are actually very much in alignment with Montessori philosophy and positive discipline, in contrast to many of the current parenting practices in the United States. That was confirmed for me. There were other practices that I had not espoused in my teaching. Now, after reading this book, I am taking a fresh look at the possible benefits of those practices for the developing child.

In general, I believe it is always good practice to re-examine our ways of doing things and assuring ourselves that we are doing what best supports the positive growth and development of our children. That’s what Dr. Gross-Loh has done for me in her book, Parenting Without Borders. I recommend it to both parents and teachers.

Tomorrow’s Child / January 2018 / p 32