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25th Annual Montessori Foundation |IMC Conference, 

The Montessori Way… Living and Learning in Harmony 

November 5th – 7th, 2021

At last! We’re getting together again in person.

You are invited to attend the first major in-person Montessori event in a long time. Our community will once again gather in Sarasota to celebrate our 25th annual conference. 

We have assembled a fabulous program that truly honors “The Montessori Way,”


Our conference team is closely monitoring the situation with COVID in Florida and expects that we will be able to hold the conference in November safely with limited on-site participation.  We have established requirements and protocols that will help mitigate risks. This includes vaccinated presenters and attendees, indoor mask use, and socially distanced meals. Additionally, we offer a live-stream option.  We will continue to update information periodically. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns at

September 2021

MONTESSORI FAMILY LIFE WEBINAR: My Child’s Learning Experiences in Their School and Classroom: Parent Involvement and Support – Part II

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET USA

Many parents ask, “What opportunities are there for me at my child’s school and in the classroom that would allow me to be involved and supportive?” Our Montessori experts will give you many ideas and suggestions for parents to think about and to ask their child’s teacher or school administrator about. Join us for this very informative session.

Montessori Leadership Forum: Children with Challenges in Montessori Classrooms, Part II

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET USA

Join us for a sharing of conversation, wonderings, and your questions with guest panelist, Christine Lowry. Christine is a Montessori credentialed special educator with many years of experience working with children with diverse learning and behavior in Montessori classrooms. We’d love to hear from you as you work with children with challenges in your classrooms at every level.

Monthly Montessori Town Hall Meeting 

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM ET USA

Our Role in Ending Systemic and Internal Racism… Guided study and Dialogue Led by Dr. Cindy Acker

Montessori Leadership Institute

The Delicate Dance of a Montessori Teaching Team: Choreographing an Effective and Empowering Partnership

Course Opens September 21st, first live zoom session September 28th! 

Cohesive and resilient teaching teams exhibit certain partnership behaviors that are the underpinnings of their success. Foundational to everything is trust, respect, and empowerment. Team members feel heard and appreciated. There are ample opportunities for professional growth and making contributions to the children’s learning experience. It is the role of the Montessori Guide to create a prepared environment of inquiry, learning, and support for their classroom team. How this can be accomplished on a daily basis, through guided observation, guided practice, guided experimentation, and supportive feedback will be the focus of this workshop.

Challenging Behavior: Helping Children Find Their Calm

Course Starts September 27th

Christine Lowry

This 4- week class will give you the practical strategies and tools you need to guide your students with challenging behaviors toward more positive behaviors based on calm rather than upset.

Rediscover the Power of Grace and Courtesy

Course Opens October 6, 2021 First live Zoom October 13th! Jonathan Wolff and Cheryl Allen

Cheryl Allen

The Six Components That Enhance Learning and Social Intelligence

The Great Lessons: Inspiring A Sense Of Wonder

Michael Dorer

You Can Teach It All: Managing the Elementary Montessori Curriculum Cohort 14

Starting January, 2022
Michael Dorer

This course is designed to help trained elementary Montessori guides implement a well-tested system for organizing and managing the complex elementary Montessori curriculum. It also addresses several closely related issues.

Last Year’s 24th Annual Montessori Foundation |IMC Conference

2020 Recordings – The full video and audio proceedings of the 24th annual Montessori Foundation/IMC international conference. Registrants receive a certificate for 17.5 hours or professional development. This special edition includes almost 40 hours of presentations.

Facebook groups for Montessori Teachers/Guides are now live! 

These groups are only for Montessori educators. Please do not invite parents to join. We love parents and there are groups for them available here!

Please note, we will be posting the link to the How to Zoom and How to Use Google Classroom videos along with resources in each level’s group.

We store videos of all of our webcasts and much more in the International Montessori Council member’s resource center. If you or your school are not members yet, you should look into it HERE.

The IMC offers great benefits, especially to schools, and is very affordable because of its connection to the Montessori Foundation. It only takes a moment to join online.

If you’d like to know more about having any of us from the Montessori Foundation come to your school or present a live online class by video broadcast to your entire staff, contact

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