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How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way: A Parent’s Guide to Building Creativity, Confidence, and Independence, second edition

By Tim Seldin


They say raising a child takes a village, and this book lets you include Tim Seldin and Maria Montessori in your village. This practical book takes you through why you would choose to invite the Montessori approach into your parenting practices and gives you ways to do so. The information helps you create opportunities for your child to learn, shows you what to expect, and shares neuroscience research explaining how these choices help your child’s brain.


In adapting Montessori teaching for easy use at home, Tim Seldin teaches us about Montessori and Montessori education without us needing to wade through jargon or change our homes into classrooms. At the same time, he explains what to expect in a Montessori classroom. Learning why sensory development is important and how to provide opportunities for this development in your home makes it easier to bring Montessori into your life.


As parents of young children, we can not always read through a book from cover to cover to get information. How to Raise an Amazing Child has a clear table of contents so you can just read the two pages devoted to making your home child-friendly, or read the whole section, there is no need to read the book in one sitting. At the back of the book is included a ‘Find an Activity’ guide that sorts activities by age which makes deciding what to change for your growing child very easy. The color-coding of sections and attractive photos are helpful for understanding the information given and finding information as needed.


We all want to support our children in building their creativity and confidence as well as gaining skills for independence. This book helps us learn to do that while understanding that every child is different and must have their needs met in ways that are not the same as their neighbor, sibling, or other children of adults reading this book.