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Kathryn is the president of the International Network for Children and Families, a worldwide parent-training network that teaches her life changing course, “Redirecting Children’ Behavior.” The course provides skill-building strategies to families. They emphasize teamwork, creating win-win situations, and effectively avoiding power struggles using kind-but-firm methods promoted by Alfred Adler and Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs. Kathryn and her husband, Brian Harper, reside in Gainesville, Florida and have a blended family of five children: Brianna, Tyler, Chloe, Emily, and Amy. Her experiences as a mom, single mom, and step-mom have made her empathetic to her audience and easy for them to relate to her.
omedian Rodney Dangerfield, frequently poked fun at on of most core desires: to be respected. We want to be respected and when our children aren’t respectful it often feels like we’ve been sucker punched. On the other hand, being told, “Your child is so respectful,” makes us feel like someone gave a a million dollars! […]