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Written by Elizabeth Baguley

Illustrated by Aurélie Blanz

This is a charming book with gorgeous illustrations and interesting descriptive and rhyming verses. The story is about how sometimes groups teach their children to guard themselves against other groups without knowing, interacting, or understanding. They fear and sometimes hate each other when in fact, they might be able to live like brothers.

The author uses a human child and a wolf cub as the characters that are influenced by their mothers’ warnings about the other. Although it can be a metaphor for developing care and kindness for each other, in reality, the adults in these species can be dangerous when confronted with each other. What happens to our childhood innocence when we grow in fear and protection? Maybe this is really a book for adults, not children.

I would recommend this book for elementary-age children because, to me, it is more than just a storybook. It is a conversation about figuring out the difference between real danger and simply lack of understanding.