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I was just a youngster coming out of preschool, knowing only the basics. I first entered Montessori schooling at the mere age of four. I didn’t know then that it would change my life forever. Everything from the environment to the people was much different than I had experienced elsewhere. As a young learner, Montessori provided me with hands-on education and Practical Life skills. From Elementary through Middle School, I learned many essentials like how to play the recorder and piano or tend to a garden, becoming a well-rounded student early in my years.

The Montessori Primary program completely shaped my future as a person.

Throughout my Montessori learning experience, one thing has stuck with me through the years: involvement in a variety of places. I have gone on all sorts of different trips and had so many experiences, from the many plays and performances I’ve seen, to surveying local waters to calculating seagrass percentage. I have found interest in all kinds of topics solely because I was exposed to them. Montessori helped me to pursue an internship outside of school. I earned more freedom and the opportunity to research marine life in the field without any academic restrictions.


Montessori also allowed me to interact with a more diverse cast of people and personalities. Throughout all of my years, I never had a class with students who were just my age. Starting in first grade, I attended classes with people in their third year of Elementary school while going on trips and having some classes with students through high school. Even now, in my senior year, I’m grouped with juniors in many of my courses and planning events through the student council, which even middle schoolers can attend. Community played an exceptionally important role in my Montessori experience.

Finally, I benefited the most from Montessori’s freedom. I have already touched a bit on the freedom I was granted through my extracurriculars, but there is more to it than just being able to find opportunities.

Growing through this environment, I was trusted, and my voice was actually heard when I spoke up. If I ever thought something needed to be changed or wanted to try something new, I could voice my opinion. I put my own personal spin on projects I made or papers I wrote. I simply applied my own interests to my coursework.

I’ve grown up in Montessori almost my whole life and couldn’t imagine being somewhere else. I’m sure there are some quirks and perks of having a different education, but Montessori definitely fit me best. On top of the freedom, community, and different experiences, I can’t ask for much more.

Going off to college excites me, and I have already sustained advanced and professional class structures. Montessori has prepared me for the next stage of my life through all that I have done. All my years have molded me into the person I am today, and I’d like to believe I’ve done a pretty good job. 