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Psychologist Cameron Camp, PhD, has taken a teaching method traditionally used on young children and retooled it to help people with Alzheimer’s disease regain some of the skills that have fallen prey to their illness. Commonly known as the Montessori Method, this approach to learning has typically been applied in school settings. But Camp’s research has shown that this approach to learning, one based on rehabilitation principles, can benefit people in all stages of their lives, and even those with serious cognitive impairment. His adaptation of the research behind the Montessori method for use with Alzheimer’s patients is called the Montessori-Based Dementia Programming method.
 An Outline of a New Stage of Training for Montessorians n this article we will discuss the evolution of the use of the Montessori Method as applied with persons with dementia. A growing research base has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. We then will describe our initial thoughts for a proposed new level of […]