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Julia Volkman has been teaching children and mentoring teachers in private and public schools since 1997. She is the President/Founder of Maitri Learning, a consultant at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS), a recurrent Teaching Assistant for Harvard University’s Neuroscience of Learning/Mind, Brain, Health, and Education course (Extension School), nearing completion of her master’s degree in psychology at Harvard University (Extension School), a Montessori Mentor consulting with public and private schools across the nation, a member of the Advisory Panel for the Montessori Training Center Northeast's Boston AMI Training initiative, a former columnist for the Public School Montessorian, and a former intern supervisor for the Northeast Montessori Institute (AMS). Ms. Volkman earned her AMI 3 to 6+ diploma from the Montreal Montessori Training Centre, a bilingual program. Her studies at Harvard focus on cognitive neuroscience and neuroeducation (a transdisciplinary approach to education that considers the child’s genetics, environment, capacities, and interests).
n Dr. Montessori’s writings, she speaks of an “explosion” into writing. The children spontaneously discovered that they knew how to write and started writing every word, everywhere. She insisted, however, that she never taught them how to write; she just prepared them to write, indirectly. In many Montessori classrooms, you’ll find all kinds of handwriting […]