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postheadericon Montessori 101 - Traducción al español

Montessori 101

Por Tim Seldin : Traducción al español Lidia Alonso

Cada año, miles y miles de niños pequeños comienzan su educación en escuelas Montessori alrededor del mundo.  Sus padres preguntan, “¿Qué es esto llamado Montessori en dónde hemos puesto a nuestros hijos?”
Sus preguntas están todas bien fundadas, porque las escuelas Montessori son generalmente muy diferentes de las escuelas a las que la mayoría de nosotros asistimos cuando éramos pequeños.

Aquellos de nosotros que hemos pasado años entre niños Montessori, sabemos que ¡Montessori funciona! Los padres que se inician en Montessori, deben escoger entre un sinnúmero de impresiones conflictivas. Cuando los amigos les piden que les cuenten un poco sobre la nueva escuela Montessori de sus hijos, sinceramente no saben por dónde empezar.


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postheadericon The Animal School - A Recorded Fable About Schools

Here is a link forwarded to us by Maren Schmidt, who enjoyed the “Animal School” video which can be seen at .    This short production serves to remind of us of something we all know, but often forget – that each child is a unique human being.  It is clearly inspired by the poem “Animal School” which has been around for some time now, and appears to be in the public domain.


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postheadericon The Montessori Animal School

Once upon a time, a group of parents decided to get together and start a Montessori School.  They searched far and wide for a teacher and eventually decided to employ an Owl, she was well trained but in addition had spent some time traveling and had an understanding of animals in diverse situations. Furthermore she had spend quite some time focused on her own personal development and had that one trait which is so rare amongst adult animals these days – wisdom.

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postheadericon A Message from Dr. Riane Eisler about the Importance of Montessori Education

Dr. Riane Eisler, best selling author and internationally acclaimed expert on human rights and human possibilities, offers an open letter to parents about the importance of Montessori education.

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postheadericon Montessori and Traditional Education: Philosophical Perspectives and Approaches in Contrast

When we use the term “traditional education” we don’t mean to suggest that all of the other schools which are not officially “Montessori programs” are therefore “traditional.” Montessori schools do not have a monopoly on the things that we believe and do in our classrooms, and a growing number of innovative teachers and child-centered educational models have adopted elements of the Montessori approach in their effort to design more effective schools.

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