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An education professional for over 25 years, Cindy Acker has founded 6 private schools. She is founder/principal of The Child Unique Montessori School and public policy adviser for Montessori Council of California. Cindy has a BA in human development, and Masters degrees in Cultural studies/spirituality and another M.A. in Educational Leadership. In the public policy arena, Cindy has served two terms as president of Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE) and as vice president of The National Child Care Association. She is active in state and national policy concerning education and pediatric health.
This week our guests on our Montessori Leadership Webcast were Dr. Shirlinda (Cindy) Acker and Christine Lowry M.Ed. They discussed Cindy’s research on Dispelling Misperceptions about Montessori and Attaining Common Ground with Public Schools. Communicating Clearly & Effectively Montessori education has not been recognized as a viable educational option due to misunderstandings and perceptions about […]