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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Yes! It’s spring and our days are getting longer, new life is everywhere, and we can open our homes and lives to a breath of fresh air. This is our last issue of Tomorrow’s Child for the 2023-2024 school year. All the surveys, focus groups, and analysis have paid off thanks to you and your school leaders. Look how far we’ve come!

  • The Montessori App makes accessing trusted resources and information easier for you.
  • Wit & Wisdom, our monthly evening discussions with special guests, have allowed us to get to know some of you on a deeper and more personal level than ever before.
  • Our new platform for the Montessori Family Life Webinars has given us opportunities to interact and connect more easily.
  • The new design for Tomorrow’s Child is filled with articles and lots of photos for every level. Each issue is meant to have something for everyone.
  • Regular postings on Facebook and Instagram give you information on upcoming events and inspiring parenting tips.
  • The Montessori Foundation has made The Parenting Puzzle: ‘Peacing’ It All Together available and free to schools that are members of the Montessori Family Alliance. Schools are encouraged to offer this Montessori parenting course to their families. The Parenting Puzzle was specifically designed to help families use Montessori principles and strategies at home to cultivate cooperation, collaboration, and calm.
  • The Montessori Family Life Team has invited exciting new guests and trusted regulars who are experts in parenting practices, child and adolescent development, Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, to have conversations with you every week.

And there’s more to come. We plan to continue sending school leaders a monthly newsletter to pass along to you. The newsletter highlights each Tomorrow’s Child issue and current webinars. It also lets you see past articles, book reviews and webinars – all intended to enhance your Montessori Family Life experience and resources.

As we look forward to the 2024-2025 school year, I am reminded of a song that an old friend, Sanford Jones, wrote called “At the Beginning Is a Good Place to Be.” Let us move forward with faith, trust, and hope in our children and families.


Lorna McGrath MFA Program Director,