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Kathryn Bowen is an Oakland-based writer with a background in law and food policy. Before taking the creative plunge, Kathryn clerked for two federal judges and worked as a commercial litigator at a San Francisco law firm. Prior to that, she spent two years in Rome, Italy, consulting for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Her writing examines the intersection of food, law and sociopolitics, or anything especially delicious. You can find her on Instagram @kcampobowen.
itting in the sun-drenched dining room of her famed Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, Alice Waters explained the philosophical principle guiding much of her life since 1944, the year she was born: “Our senses are our pathways into our minds.” Waters lingered over the point, which, like her food, is deceptively simple. “So,” Waters continued, resolute, […]
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