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Webinar:  A Conversation about Brain Development

Webinar: A Conversation about Brain Development

Montessori Family Life host, Lorna McGrath, talks with Carrie Contey, PhD, parenting coach. In this session, Carrie shared insights on brain development and the new science of cooperation through connection. Participants will leave with their parenting tool box filled with new and effective strategies for making day-to-day family life easier, more fun and deeply satisfying. […]

Webinar:  Why do adults find It hard to trust their children?

Webinar: Steering the Ship of Your Family Life

Start your year off with clarity and skills in this webinar. Carrie Contey, PhD will help you hold the big picture of all you’re doing AND explore strategies that actually help you navigate the waves on a daily basis. Together we’ll outline the purpose and possibilities of family life.