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Campground Kids Series – Yosemite Fortune #7

Written by C.R. Fulton

Whenever I think of summer, I think of National Parks, hiking in the woods, climbing mountains, enjoying beautiful waterfalls, the smell of campfires, and I could go on about appreciating the joy of being outdoors! So, when I saw this series of books, I wanted to find out what there was to it.

I’ve just read Yosemite #7, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I bought the series of seven books for my just-turned-7-year-old grandson. They are reminiscent of the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, or The Boxcar Children in that it is a series of adventures. In each book, the setting is a different National Park in the USA with the same family enjoying each other, learning new things, and solving mysteries along the way.

In this particular one, the family went on a trip to Yosemite National Park in search of a hidden treasure. They soon found that they were not alone. that they were not the only ones there. Due to a forest fire, there were many other people working to fight the fire.

The fire also caused a herd of over 200 wild horses to flee from their normal habitat. The children rescued an injured foal that had not been able to keep up with the rest of the herd. It’s quite an exciting and emotionally charged story. I’m not going to give away the end of the story. You and your child will have to read it together. There’s lots to talk about. If the rest of the series is similar, I think any Elementary child will want to read them. Five- and six-year-olds will love reading them with you as well.

Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave

Written by Lori K. Mihalich-Levin, JD

Let’s face it, the vast majority of parents have (or want) to go back to work sooner or later and it’s really difficult to find a guide for how to do that in the most healthy and practical way possible. The author wrote this book specifically with moms in mind and from a mom’s perspective. However, I think that any parent or primary caregiver, who is about to go back to work after family leave, would benefit from the ideas and suggestions in it.

My suggestion to readers who are not female, and the birth mother is, try not to be distracted or to become defensive or offended by some of the language and ideas specifically for “mommies.” If you can extrapolate the messages she is making, you will probably get some very useful information from this book.

Back to Work After Baby addresses both the reader’s “soft side” (the emotions that often accompany returning to work) and “hard side” (the logistics that must be figured out for the return). It is well organized, and the reader can easily access the specific areas of interest. Chapters include:

• A Mindful Mindset for Return

• All Those Logistics

• Turning Leave into Leadership

• Building Community

Whether this is your first child or any number after that, you will find information, ideas, and understanding in this book. You can purchase it from most booksellers.

The Hug Who Got Stuck

Written by Andrew Newman, Illustrated by Alexis Aronson

Our friend and author Andrew Newman has added another bedtime book to the collection, including Snuggle Breathing. This is a lovely story for just before going to sleep about the power of hugs to help ourselves and others stay disentangled from negative thoughts. It also reminds us that hugs have a ripple effect in our families and throughout the world.

This whole series by Andrew is filled with books that help children fill their minds with positive, warm emotions when they are getting ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. They are available from www.

We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season

Written by Wendy Pfeffer, Illustrated by Linda Bleck

Wendy Pfeffer is one of my favorite children’s book writers. As usual, I really appreciate how she not only tells interesting stories but also helps children learn about scientific events, such as the fall equinox and the history of humans around the world. We Gather Together is no exception, and it is wonderfully illustrated by Linda Bleck.

I loved reading about harvest celebrations around the world and their history. However, I am a bit skeptical about the description of the United States legend concerning the Pilgrims and Native Americans. Please read the two-page spread in advance before reading to your children, then decide for yourself whether to read it as written. I would recommend this book for children 4 to 8 years old.

I Am Enough

Written by Grace Byers, Illustrated by Keturah A. Bobo

I am enough. What does that mean? Enough what?

The author, Grace Byers, describes in rhyme what she means by the title. Young children love rhyming, and they will love the rhythm of the words in this book. It is beautifully illustrated with realistic drawings of girls of all kinds. Yet, it is a book for boys and girls that sends messages about loving oneself, respecting others, and being kind to one another. Highly recommended for children from 3 to 8 years old. It is available from most book sellers.

Every Autumn Comes the Bear

Written by Jim Arnosky

This is a beautifully written and illustrated book by Jim Arnosky. It is a story of autumn and wildlife in the wilderness, as a bear gets ready for winter hibernation. It is perfect for setting the stage for more in-depth research into the life of wild animals in the Northern hemisphere. Children may be curious about hibernation. They may ask questions like, “Do other animals hibernate or just bears?” “How can they sleep so long?” “Don’t they get hungry?” What do other animals do during winter?” It made me very curious about the lives of bears and other animals. I would recommend this book for children ages 4 to 8 years old.

A Handwashing Story: Told with Tiny Hands

Written by Pat Prisk, Illustrated by Jason D. McIntosh

This is a wonderfully fun, imaginative story of getting cleaned up! The illustrations are very colorful and fanciful! They make cleaning up a joyful adventure rather than drudgery. Pat Prisk shows (down in the corner of each page) the steps to washing hands. She then reinforces the process by putting each of the steps to handwashing on one page at the end of the book. She also includes ideas for parents, caregivers, and other adults involved in caring for children. I think youngsters 2 to 7 years old will love this book.

Montessori: A Dictionary for Families

Written by Faye Lundberg

This book is a paperback booklet originally created to fill a need in the author’s school. She found that parents were interested in knowing more about their child’s classroom experience. Her idea was to share information about the basic principles of a Montessori classroom and the activities within the 3–6-year-old (Early Childhood) classroom.

Ms. Lundberg briefly describes each curriculum area and then some of the key lessons in those areas. She has included photos of the materials along with their descriptions. She has also added a short biography of Dr. Montessori and some ideas for the home.

This is a great little tool to get parents started in their knowledge and understanding of Montessori at the Early Childhood level. You can purchase this booklet at

A Spider Named Itsy

Written by Steve Light

This book brings new light to the children’s song about an itsy-bitsy spider! The illustrations are action packed, the spider is persistent, and in the process Itsy not only builds a new house but makes new friends as well. The words to the song are written out at the end of the book. Fun to read, fun to sing, and fun to imagine! I would recommend this book for children 2 to 7 years old.

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