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Toys play an essential role in the developmental journey of children, particularly during the critical years between ages 1 and 2. These formative years are a period of rapid growth and exploration, where toys become tools for learning and discovery. Specifically designed to stimulate creativity, enhance cognitive abilities, and promote physical dexterity, toys for this age group are crucial in nurturing various developmental aspects. From timeless classics to innovative designs, the diverse selection of toys available for children aged 1 to 2 creates an enriching environment that fosters holistic growth and joyful exploration.

A timeless addition to any nursery, fostering endless creativity and imaginative play for little ones. These blocks in soothing neutral hues offer both entertainment and developmental benefits, encouraging cognitive skills and fine motor development through hours of engaging play.

This engaging toy features colorful balls that roll, drop, and slide, aiding in the development of coordination and motor skills. Recommended for ages 12 months and up, fostering interactive and safe play.

A delightful toy encouraging hand-eye coordination as children hammer balls into the box, delighting in the rolling fun. Plan Toys® pioneers sustainability, crafting toys from reclaimed rubberwood, offering a more eco-conscious approach to playtime. Enjoy interactive play and skill development while supporting a greener future with this innovative and entertaining toy.

This toy fosters hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. These easy-to-handle animals inspire imaginative adventures and are conveniently stored on a practical wooden plate after play.

This is a delightful toy that encourages motor skills in children aged 18+ months. Crafted from wood and plywood with an exclusive design, it doubles as a charming room decor piece.

The Rocker Climber is a versatile playroom essential designed for children to explore their physical abilities and boundaries. Crafted from solid birch and birch plywood, it offers a non-slip surface, 11 grabbable bars, and 4 handles for easy mobility. This Climber Collection piece supports motor skills, encourages independent play, and promotes cognitive development, catering to various developmental stages and providing diverse play opportunities.

An Education Tower supports toddler independence in daily tasks with sturdy birch wood construction and adjustable features. It ensures safety and stability while promoting learning and motor skills development. This tower enables children to participate in various activities, granting parents more mobility and bonding moments during shared experiences.