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Margot is now retired after more than 20 years with The Montessori Foundation and the International Montessori Council, serving in many behind-the-scene positions as well as being an Accreditation onsite visitor, international exhibitor, and conference organizer. When her granddaughters (final tally will stand at 4) made their way into the world, she began writing and sharing those experiences with the readers of Tomorrow's Child magazine as a way to help grandparents and parents reinforce the Montessori way at home, while creating traditions and memories that were special.
he Montessori Foundation and The International Montessori Council have been personally reaching out to our schools in the states and neighboring Islands that have recently been terribly impacted by the hurricanes. Of course, we’ve not yet heard from so many because power and internet will not be available to them for a long, long time. […]