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Alicia Diaz-David has been involved in education for the past 14 years, having obtained a Master's degree in both Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language while teaching in New York City. Alicia discovered the Montessori philosophy after the birth of her first child and became a self-taught Montessorian. She began implementing Montessori in the home and sharing her journey with the online community on Instagram under the name @MontessoriWithAlicia. Alicia holds an International Montessori Council teaching credential in Early Childhood (ages 3-6) and is currently homeschooling with her two children and following the principles of Montessori at home. Alicia teaches online parent education courses and coaches parents on creating a Montessori-inspired home. She can be reached at or
s parents, we become familiar with the quintessential milestones in a child’s life—those special moments when a normally developing child takes his or her first step, eats solid food for the first time, or says his or her first word. We anticipate these moments, celebrate them, and wait for other milestones to unfold. We share […]