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Christoph Simon, Ph.D. is a parent of twin boys and a professor of physics at the University of Calgary. He looks forward to teaching the boys more about science and math as they grow older. Christoph can be reached at Christine M. A. Lapierre, Ph.D. enjoys being a parent and is passionate about the role of parents in bringing out the best in a peaceful family. She is a MACTE trained early childhood Montessori teacher and believes very strongly about bringing Montessori principles to the home. She offers dynamic teacher workshops and parent workshops. She can be reached at
Christoph: I am a physics professor, so I was naturally interested in trying to teach science and math to my twin boys as early as possible. My wife has a PhD in physics, too, so she shared this interest. I didn’t just want to transmit content knowledge, although that is definitely important to me, but […]