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Dorothy Harman AMS Early Childhood Montessori Credential, Montessori Consultant Faculty, College of Education, University of Nebraska-Kearney. She’s presented at: International Montessori Council/The Montessori Foundation Conference numerous times as well as AMS, & Mid-America Montessori Teacher Training Institute. She’s an Early Childhood Teacher Trainer, 2009-current. She’s been a Directress at the Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE and trainer: PrePrimary Montessori Classroom Directress (3-6 year olds), 1999-current Montessori Para-Professional Trainer (Early Childhood), 2001-current PrePrimary Montessori Classroom Directress (3-4 year olds), 1998-1999 Montessori Para-Professional (math support- pre-school to grade 5), 1997-1998.
from Tomorrow’s Child Magazine – May, 2021 | by The Montessori Foundation Montessorians are known for their jargon. We speak of red rods, didactic materials, auto-education and the like. However, there are three important aspects of Montessori that are seldom shared with parents.  Those are Nebulae, Horme, and Mneme. To Dr. Montessori, and to those […]
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