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Julia Volkman has been teaching children and mentoring teachers in private and public schools since 1997. She is the President/Founder of Maitri Learning, a consultant at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS), a recurrent Teaching Assistant for Harvard University’s Neuroscience of Learning/Mind, Brain, Health, and Education course (Extension School), nearing completion of her master’s degree in psychology at Harvard University (Extension School), a Montessori Mentor consulting with public and private schools across the nation, a member of the Advisory Panel for the Montessori Training Center Northeast's Boston AMI Training initiative, a former columnist for the Public School Montessorian, and a former intern supervisor for the Northeast Montessori Institute (AMS). Ms. Volkman earned her AMI 3 to 6+ diploma from the Montreal Montessori Training Centre, a bilingual program. Her studies at Harvard focus on cognitive neuroscience and neuroeducation (a transdisciplinary approach to education that considers the child’s genetics, environment, capacities, and interests).
remember the first parent-teacher conference I had. My daughter was not quite 3 years old and I had no idea what to expect. Her teacher, Maggie Radzik (an-amazing Montessorian who deeply inspired me), sat down with me and said, “She’s doing fine. I have no concerns. Do you have any questions?” That was unexpected. She […]