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Written by Eve Bunting

Eve Bunting is not new to writing children’s picture books, storybooks, and children’s novels. Blackwater will engage readers from ages 11-14 years old with a story of tragedy, mystery, and moral dilemmas.

It reminds readers of the importance of always being mindful of the choices they make and the actions that they take. Sometimes, even just a simple act of jealousy or revenge can lead to tragedy and can ruin a person’s life or worse. In this story an entire town was affected by the sudden death of two teens and the unspoken truth about the incident.

Brodie, the main character of the novel, struggled with guilt, grief, and truth telling because of his part in the accidental deaths of two of his peers. Fortunately, a good friend encouraged Brodie to confess his actions. When he did, his parents stood by his side as he suffered the consequences of his actions.

This is a book that parents, and teachers will want to read along with their teens to openly discuss the choices that were made and the events that occurred. Guiding children through the teen years and allowing space for them to express opinions and wrestle with tough decisions is an important part of our role in parenting and teaching. Expressing our own values in a non-defensive or non-judgmental way, while creating that space, is the key to helping our teens process real life situations.