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Written by Dorothy Harman

Parents, this is a book to put at the top of your “must read” list! It’s so user friendly and packed with such important information for all of us: parents, teachers, caregivers, and extended family. When I was halfway through it, I couldn’t put it down. My grandson is in Montessori school, and I wanted to send a copy to his parents immediately!

Dorothy Harman has so much wisdom to share and inspiration to offer about parent-teacher relationships, keeping the child’s best interests as the common goal. She has created a book that has only 39 pages, and it is formatted in such a way that you can read whatever topic is of interest to you or is needed for your child. AND, there is a section within almost all the topics called “An Idea for Consideration,” where you can write notes. This section includes the idea, your reflections, your next steps, and discussion with the child’s teacher. It is such a great tool for gathering your thoughts.

You can purchase it through Montessori Services: