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Lorna McGrath, MEd, is Director of IMC School Accreditation, Program Director of the Montessori Family Alliance, and Senior Consultant of The Montessori Foundation. Lorna has 41 years of experience in the field of education, teaching children from 18 months through 6 years old and from 12 through 18 years old in both public schools and independent Montessori schools. Lorna is a Montessori teacher educator, conference presenter, and school consultant. She can be reached at
Kangaroo Kisses Written by Nandana Dev Sen Illustrated by Pippa Curnick This is an interesting book for young children. The storyline is basically about how a child can avoid going to bed when it’s time. It has a happy ending as the child does eventually go to bed. In the meantime, she is very imaginative […]