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by Tim Seldin

Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents: A Selection of Articles

Written by Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori spent the vast majority of her professional life working with teachers, developing her innovative educational method. She devoted most of her energy to writing about the Method for teachers. However, she also spent some time during her courses and lectures to address parents. Within the pedagogical archives of Maria Montessori’s original work, several articles were found that have a style and content that was certainly written for parents. It is possible, and even likely, that these articles were written in 1931.

This book contains eleven short articles to help parents understand, in broad strokes, Montessori’s views on how children learn and the role that parents play in supporting their children’s development. It is an interesting collection of articles with clear and exact messages to parents. When I read each one, I had to put the book down and really contemplate her meaning and message. Maria Montessori’s style of writing is different from writers in the 21st century, but her message about children absolutely holds true today. This book is available through Amazon.

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