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Written by Maribeth Boelts

Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

As children grow into the elementary years and beyond, they are often influenced by the media and their peers. They want to fit in with the other kids in their schools and neighborhoods.

This story is set in a city but could be any setting whether urban, rural, or suburban. The main character, Jeremy, sees that many of his peers are all getting a particular type of shoe and are feeling very cool about it. One day his shoes fall apart at school, and the counselor gives him a pair of shoes, but Jeremy is embarrassed. When the other boys see the shoes, they laugh at him.

His grandmother says that what he really needs is a new pair of snow boots, but Jeremy really wants to have a pair of “those shoes.”

After much searching from one thrift store to another, Jeremy finds a pair of “those shoes.” He pays for them himself, even though he knows they are too small for him. Find out what Jeremy finally decides to do with “those shoes” at the end.

The illustrations are vibrant with color and movement. The style reminds me of the style of Ezra Jack Keats. Elementary children will enjoy this book, and it may serve as a conversation starter about Jeremy and the choices that he makes.