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Anni Bryner ​is a writer and multi-media artist who holds Montessori Certifications in both the Primary and Infant-Toddler levels. She has worked with Toddlers for over 10 years, runs art and drama programs for Elementary and Middle School Montessori students, and has developed multicultural Montessori Curriculum for multiple organizations. Anni is an active volunteer in the Montessori community, working to ensure Montessori is accessible to everyone. Her classroom is in Village Montessori School in Bluemont, Virginia.
  ou meticulously and consciously prepare the environment of your school. But is the spiritual culture of your school neglected? Let’s learn how to prepare a spiritual culture that nurtures both children and adults at your school. I arrived unannounced three years ago on the doorstep of Village Montessori, a small school nestled in the […]